Jameis Winston sued for alleged rape in 2012

Erica Kinsman, a student at FSU, claimed Winston raped her in Dec. 2012. Local police didn’t forward the case to the state attorney’s office for nearly a year, and school officials didn’t discuss the claim with Winston until Jan. 2014. The delay, and the fact that officials met with Winston in private, may have violated Title IX.

Erica Kinsman filed a lawsuit in Orlando circuit court on April 16, accusing Winston of raping her on Dec. 7, 2012. The complaint, which seeks a trial jury and damages in excess of $15,000, alleges assault, sexual battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress arising out of forcible rape.

 Had [Winston] been prosecuted or had he been held accountable by the university, then maybe this wouldn’t be such an important step. The processes that we expect to do the right thing failed, and if they’re not going to hold him accountable she can do it herself.– John Clune
attorney for Erica Kinsman

Kinsman’s attorneys previously filed a federal Title IX lawsuit against FSU on Jan.7, alleging the school failed to properly investigate the incident. Florida State filed a motion to dismiss the suit in March.

Kinsman on March 26 replied to FSU’s motion to dismiss, claiming the school concealed information when an athletic director and head football coach failed to act after finding out about the alleged sexual assault. FSU says it provided counseling to the accuser before the school’s management knew of the allegations against Winston.

FSU President John Thrasher said in a Dec. 2014 statement that former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Major Harding had “conducted a thorough Student Conduct Code hearing and reviewed more than 1,000 pages of evidence.” FSU on March 13 denied an appeal by Erica Kinsman, who said she gave no “clear verbal consent” to the encounter.

 In sum, the preponderance of the evidence has not shown that you are responsible for ANY of the charged violations of the Code.– David Cornwell
Jameis Winston’s attorney

After Winston’s attorney tweeted FSU’s decision on Dec. 21, 2014, the school’s president also released a statement confirming that the quarterback was found not to have violated any personal conduct rules. The ruling meant that Winston was allowed to play against Oregon in the Rose Bowl on January.

 After weighing this decision with my family and friends, I have decided to declare for the 2015 NFL Draft and forgo my remaining eligibility at Florida State… I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to wear the garnet and gold and have greatly enjoyed my time as a Seminole, both as an athlete and a student in the classroom.– Jameis Winston
former Florida State quarterback

GOP passes massive tax break for millionaires, billionaires

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In recent months, high-profile Republicans, sounding quite a bit like class warriors, have complained bitterly about the wealthy benefiting most from the recent economic recovery. Even House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), without a hint of irony, complained that recent trends point to “exacerbated inequality.” The far-right congressman added that only “the wealthy are doing really well.”

It’s genuinely impossible to reconcile Republican rhetoric and Republican priorities in light of votes like these.
The House voted Thursday to repeal the estate tax, a longtime priority of Republicans that also spurred Democratic charges that the GOP is in the pockets of the rich. […]
The White House has threatened to veto the measure, and the bill does not appear to have the 60 votes necessary to break a Democratic filibuster and get through the Senate.
he final tally was 240 to 179, with nearly every GOP lawmaker voting for it and nearly every Democrat voting against it.
When describing Republican tax proposals, it’s not uncommon to talk about policies that  disproportionately benefit the very wealthy. GOP proponents will say a bill benefits all taxpayers, but they’ll brush past the fact that the rich benefit most. This, however, is altogether different – today’s bill, called the “Death Tax Repeal Act,” quite literally benefits multi-millionaires and billionaires exclusively.
It’s not an exaggeration to say House Republicans, enmass, voted for a $269 billion giveaway to the top 0.2%. Under the plan, GOP lawmakers, who occasionally pretend to care about “fiscal responsibility,” would simply add the entire $269 billion cost to the deficit, leaving future generations.
Wait, it gets worse.
Asked about the bill this week, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told reporters, “[The] estate tax’s repeal is long overdue. Remember, all of this money that families have saved has all been taxed, much of it multiple times. And then if you die, we’re going to tax you again. I think it’s totally unfair.”
Regrettably, the Speaker isn’t just trying to give the hyper-wealthy a $269 billion tax break for no reason, he’s also confused about the basics of the policy he’s championing.
Even by contemporary GOP standards, today’s vote is pretty obscene. At a time of rising economic inequality, House Republicans have prioritized a bill to make economic inequality worse on purpose. At a time in which much of Congress wants to make the deficit smaller, House Republicans have prioritized a bill to make the deficit much larger.
At a time when prosperity is concentrated too heavily at the very top, House Republicans have prioritized a bill to deliver enormous benefits to multi-millionaires and billionaires –and no one else.

Madonna slams haters over Drake Coachella kiss


Madonna took to Instagram to slam all the haters who had an issue with her making out with Drake at Coachella. As Gossip Cop reported, the 56-year-old singer surprised the much younger rapper when she planted a long, steamy kiss on him following her performance on Sunday night.

By early Monday morning the Internet was full of memes making fun of the kiss, and several people called the impromptu lip-locking session “disgusting.” Madonna shared an image on Instagram of her and Drake’s kiss, writing, “No caption necessary… @coachella #bestnight #bigasmadonna #b—-immadonna.” She then posted another picture with the words, “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do. B—- you’re a fan.”

Drake has yet to publicly comment on the make out session. As Gossip Cop noted, during Drake’s Coachella set on Sunday, he performed a medley of his old and new songs before launching into his single “Madonna” from his new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. After his performance with Madonna on that song, Drake sat in a chair on the stage and watched her perform  her songs “Human Nature” and “Hung Up.”

When Madonna finished her set, she walked over to Drake, bent his head back and kissed him for a long time. She then shouted “B—-, I’m Madonna” as she walked off stage. Drake, who was still sitting in the chair, looked shocked by the kiss and could be heard saying, “Oh, s—! What the f— just happened?”


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Justin Bieber Reportedly Put In A Chokehold And Ejected From Coachella

Despite just a few months passing since he made an emotional apology to fans for his past behavior, Justin Bieber was reportedly put in a chokehold and thrown out of Coachella on Sunday night (12 April).

The singer has been embroiled in several brushes with the law over the past few years, including incidences of drink-driving, vandalism and assault. In January, after he appeared on The Ellen Show, he uploaded a video to YouTube telling fans: “I didn’t want to come off arrogant or conceited or basically how I’ve been acting the past year, year and a half. I’m not who I was pretending to be.

“Why I say pretending is often we pretend to be something we’re not as a cover up of what we’re truly feeling inside and there was a lot of feelings in there… I want people to know how much I care about people, and how I’m not that person to say ‘I don’t give a fuck’, I’m not that kid.”

Unfortunately, according to TMZ, old habits die hard – as Bieber reportedly began arguing with security at Coachella after he and his entourage were refused access to the artist entrance area during Drake’s headline performance.

The singer is said to have claimed he was personally invited by Drake to watch his set in the side-stage area, but the festival’s security team didn’t take kindly to his claims. He was subsequently put him into a chokehold, after which he voluntarily.

Percy Sledge, who sang ‘When a Man Loves a Woman,’ dies at 74

Percy Sledge, who soared from part-time singer and hospital orderly to lasting fame with his aching, forlorn performance on the classic “When a Man Loves a Woman,” died Tuesday in Louisiana. He was 74.

Dr. William “Beau” Clark, coroner for East Baton Rouge Parish, confirmed to The Associated Press that Sledge died early Tuesday morning, about an hour after midnight, of natural causes in hospice care.

A No. 1 hit in 1966, “When a Man Loves a Woman” was Sledge’s debut single, an almost unbearably heartfelt ballad with a resonance he never approached again. Few singers could have. Its mood set by a mournful organ and dirge-like tempo, “When a Man Loves a Woman” was for many the definitive soul ballad, a testament of blinding, all-consuming love haunted by fear and graced by overwhelming emotion.

“When a Man Loves a Woman” was a personal triumph for Sledge, who seemed on the verge of sobbing throughout the production, and a breakthrough for Southern soul. It was the first No. 1 hit from Alabama’s burgeoning Muscle Shoals music scene, where Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones among others would record, and the first gold record for Atlantic Records.

Atlantic Records executive Jerry Wexler later called the song “a transcendent moment” and “a holy love hymn.” Sledge’s hit became a standard that sustained his long touring career in the U.S., Europe and South Africa, when he averaged 100 performances a year, and led to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. It was a favorite at weddings – Sledge himself did the honors at a ceremony for musician and actor Steve Van Zandt – and often turned up in movies, including “The Big Chill,” `’The Crying Game” and a 1994 Meg Ryan drama named for the song’s title.


Tiger Woods lets his game speak for itself


AUGUSTA, Ga. — Tiger Woods didn’t have much to say to Sergio Garcia.

Didn’t need to. His scorecard was a far more effective smackdown than any trash talk or snarky comment.

While Garcia was extending his oh-fer streak in yet another major Saturday, Woods was erasing any last doubts that he’ll soon be back at the top of the game. His 4-under 68 matched his lowest score since the back surgery 13 months ago that kept him out of last year’s Masters, and moved him into a tie for fifth.

Gave him back-to-back rounds in the 60s at Augusta National for the first time since he won in 2005, too. Oh, it’s also the first time Woods has broken 70 on the weekend at a major since 2011.

And it could have — should have — been even better. Woods missed short birdie putts on Nos. 6 and 7, and bogeyed 14 when he left his par putt short.

“It could have been something seriously low today,” Woods said. “I had it really going.”

As if anyone should have been surprised.

Woods has a long memory for slights, real and imagined, and there’s a laundry list to be pinned on Garcia. The cheeky “bring it on” glance at the 1999 PGA Championship. The rant about the rain at the 2002 U.S. Open and how the USGA never would have made Woods play in such conditions. The Ryder Cup taunts.

And, of course, the big tiff in 2013. Garcia accused Woods of distracting him during a shot at The Players Championship, a claim Woods denied. The sniping escalated after Garcia made a racist joke at Woods’ expense.

Garcia apologized, publicly and privately, but Woods would have none of it.

“Everybody makes a bigger deal than it is for both of us,” Garcia insisted Saturday afternoon. “I think we’re both fine.”

Uh-huh. That’s why Garcia took to Twitter not once, but twice, to try and defuse the tension before their round Saturday, the first time they’ve been paired together since 2013.

“It was gonna happen at some point sooner or later! Paired with @TigerWoods tomorrow but don’t you worry guys, I’m sure we’ll both be fine,” Garcia Tweeted, ending with a winking smiley face.

Then, a few hours before their round, Garcia had this to say: “@TigerWoods and I might not be best friends but we do respect each other and that respect will stay the same today! Enjoy some good golf.”

He may as well have been talking to a wall.

Woods didn’t even acknowledge Garcia when he arrived on the putting green five minutes before their tee time. Instead, he dropped two balls on the surface and — knowing full well Garcia was watching — knocked them both in from about 25 feet.

The two did shake hands on the first tee, but Garcia had to initiate it and it was as quick as it was frosty.

From then on, they may as well have been playing on their own. There was little chatting or acknowledgment of good shots — a departure from Friday, when Woods and Jimmy Walker jabbered throughout the entire round. They barely even walked together, Woods striding off as soon as Garcia had hit his shot.

The closest they came to interaction was on No. 3, when Woods’ approach shot from about 70 yards lipped out of the cup. As the crowd roared, Garcia laughed as if to say, “That’s just not human.” When fans continued cheering as Garcia readied to hit, Woods waved his arms to quiet them.

“At the end we talked a little bit. On two or three holes, 17 and a couple others,” Garcia said. “… But it was very good. I thought we were both very good. It was the way it should be.”

Truth is, Garcia is little more than an annoyance to Woods. But that didn’t mean he was going to just let this one go. No, he got the last word as he usually does.

And he never had to say a thing.

Facebook says it tracked people who didn’t use Facebook because of ‘a bug’

Facebook today published a blog post responding to an independent report criticizing the company’s privacy policies, but the responses aren’t likely to mollify privacy hawks.

Facebook says the ‘bug’ affected ‘a few’ people

The report, from the independent Belgian Privacy Commission, made several accusations about Facebook, suggesting the company had made it impossible for some users to truly opt out of tracking, or tracked users who had never even used Facebook — essentially, the report argues, keeping consumers from making their own decisions about their data. The problems identified could have implications for how the company operates in the EU, but Facebook’s responses seem mostly to be a matter of semantics.

For example, while Facebook says a “claim” from the report suggests there’s no way for users to opt out of the company’s “social ads,” the report says, bluntly, “users can opt-out from appearing in so-called Social Ads.” As the Wall Street Journal points out, Facebook also substitutes “tracking” for “web impressions.”

The researchers point out that Facebook’s “social plug-ins” — which other sites frequently use — tracked users who didn’t use the plug-ins, were not logged in to Facebook, and who did not even have a Facebook account. In its response post, Facebook conceded that “a bug” affected “a few” users and would be fixed. The original report, however, suggested the problem could be much more widespread: “Facebook’s ‘Like Button,’ the most popular Facebook social plug-in, is currently present on more than 13 million sites, covering almost all website categories including health and government websites.”


Transgender teen who spoke on YouTube of bullying takes her own life


A 16-year-old transgender girl from northern San Diego County who spoke on YouTube about being bullied at school has reportedly taken her own life.

Taylor Alesana, a student at Fallbrook High School, committed suicide last week, according to the North County LGBTQ Resource Center in Oceanside.

Taylor made a name for herself on YouTube, where she posted makeup tutorials and spoke of intense cyberbullying and the loneliness she experienced because of her gender identity.

“I’ve lost tons of friends, tons,” she said in a video posted in November. “And it’s been hell. I go to school every day, and I get my lunch and I sit down alone.”

Taylor is the second teenager who attended youth support groups at the North County LGBTQ Resource Center to commit suicide in recent weeks, said the center’s executive director, Max Disposti. Letters and artwork mourning the loss of a teenager named Sage – who killed himself in early March – are still displayed in the center, Disposti said.

“We’re devastated,” Disposti said.

Disposti said he has been in close contact with Taylor’s family and was planning a candlelight vigil for her. Taylor spoke openly about her struggles at school – which continued after she told school staff – and Disposti worried about her, he said.

“She was happy to be who she was but was struggling with the fact that people didn’t accept her,” Disposti said. He hoped other students would learn that “it’s not OK to make fun of someone because their gender identity is different from what they were assigned at birth.”

“Transgender kids know who they are,” Disposti said. “They are not confused. They are not struggling with their gender identity.”

In a statement released Wednesday, Fallbrook High School referred to a student who “tragically passed away during the spring break” on April 2. The statement did not name Taylor.

“We are attempting to honor the family’s request for privacy while also helping our students and staff who have been impacted by this sad event,” the school said, adding that it had counselors on site and “a continuum of appropriate services … to ensure every student is supported and successful.”

‘married 10 men in 11 years without a divorce’

New York serial bride ‘married 10 men in 11 years without a divorce’

A New York woman will face court over claims she married 10 different men over 11 years without ever filing for divorce.

Liana Barrientos, 38, got her first marriage licence in 1999 when she married Mohamed Gerbril in Eastchester, New York.

Detectives claim that over the next decade she sought several other marriage licences at different locations across the state, the reports.

A criminal complaint filed by the Bronx District Attorney said she married two men in 2001 – Ahmed Allam in Rye and Habibur Rahman in Yonkers.

Over the next year she allegedly tied the knot six more times – with Davit Koridze in Hempstead, Duran Goktepe in Ramapo, Aliaksandr Paharelau in Huntington, Vakhtang Dzneladze in Greenburgh, Rashid Rajput in Mamaroneck, and Kakhaber Khorbaladze in White Plains.

The multiple bride was brought to the attention of authorities at her most recent alleged nuptials in March 2010, with Salle Keita in the Bronx, which she claimed was her first trip down the aisle.

“The defendant … stated in sum and substance that she did marry Mr. (Salle) Keita and that was her first and only marriage,” the complaint reads.

She is facing felony charges of offering a false instrument for filing and will face Bronx Supreme Court on Friday.

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