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A Changing of the Guard

The New Moon in Aquarius on Monday at 19 degrees highlights freedom, eccentricity, invention, rebellion, computers, electricity, aviation, cyber space, artificial intelligence, music, and sudden, surprising change.

Since the number 19 reduces to 10 and then to 1, the number of new beginnings – a changing of the guard is imminent somewhere in our lives.

Will it be pleasant? NO.

This is a rare New Moon that is not fortified: there are no planets in the other two air signs, Gemini and Libra, to lend support to the Sun and Moon in Aquarius – a sign ruling the future – so the future is in doubt.

Planetary aspects involving the future are extremely harsh which is why a “changing of the guard” will be unpleasant.

Both the Sun and New Moon in Aquarius are being exactly squared by a dominant Mars in Scorpio, also at 19 degrees.

Since Scorpio is a fixed financial sign and Mars is at home in the sign it rules – matters concerning justice and survival, particularly financial survival, are being threatened by several problems.

The problems may pertain to identity theft, credit, debt, loans, taxes, insurance proceeds, inheritance, grants, or money coming from any other source such as an employer, a partner, or an organization.

Scorpio rules the military, the whole medical field, the insurance industry, the police, the spy business, and conditions involving justice and survival.

The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus in Aries, is also being harshly squared by Pluto, Venus, and Mercury in Capricorn.

Since Uranus is the planet of sudden change and it is in the sign of new starts – and the planets in Capricorn are being strongly fortified by a trine from Jupiter in Virgo – it indicates that there will be a pragmatic decision to alter or change the future direction of someone, or of an organization or group, that wants to make a new start and have everything their own way.

It won’t happen.

So a new start is going to have a bumpy finish – due either to financial problems and higher costs – or due to matters involving justice and survival which must be addressed.

That is why a “changing of the guard” will be not be pleasant.

Very mercifully, the gavel may come down on a new start – but to end it that way might be preferable to ensuing incarceration or even death.

To those involved, a compromise or a “deal” may appear to be very attractive, but it is not possible at this time. TheNew Moon isn’t fortified. It has no back up.

The only retrograde planet is Jupiter in Virgo which is conjuncting the lucky North Node of the Moon exactly at 22 degrees on Monday – indicating a closer review of facts and details will clarify a matter beyond all reasonable doubt.

Because the facts are so clear, justice must be done.

So a pragmatic decision, based on the facts and the bottom line, will be made without taking personalities into account.

The Changing of the Guard must be done.


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Free Psychic Readings Sunday – *CANCELLED* 1/7

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY “50”.  I will be attending an event that day.  Ms. Nina and me will be back next Sunday with bells on and big smiles, lol.   Enjoy your Sunday, and remember to share the love.

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Entertainment News for the week 2/5

raven-symone 2016

Where was Raven Symone? The former Cosby Kid had been off The View for two weeks. She finally returned to the show this week, but not before setting off a flood of reports that she was either fired or getting fired. The View Moderator Whoopi Goldberg says the former Cosby kid was ill. ABC has stood by Symone before when her sometimes controversial viewpoints got her roasted in the media and on line. So where was she? Symone took to social media to explain her prolonged absence from The View. She wrote she was visiting Atlanta after filming an episode of Black-ish.


Kerry Washington is also sharing this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly with Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks and Reese Witherspoon.

Scandal’s Kerry Washington is bringing the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas Story to HBO in Confirmation. The movie chronicles Anita Hill, former co-worker of now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, when she brought her claims of sexual harassment by Thomas to his confirmation hearings in 1991. Hill was thrust into the spotlight, her personal life exploited and she was seen by some as the face of sexual harassment and by others as a traitor. Thomas, a George H.W. Bush appointee, denied all the charges and was eventually confirmed to the court after his confirmation hearings turned into a grueling, tabloid-like spectacle. Jennifer Hudson, Greg Kinnear and Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas also star. Confirmation airs 8pm Saturday, April 16th on HBO.


Diversity was the keyword at The Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG). Double Nominee Idris Elba became a double winner for both his BBC series Luther and for his supporting role in the big screen’s Beasts Of No Nation. Viola Davis won lead actress drama for How To Get Away With Murder, Queen Latifah won for her role in the HBO movie Bessie and Uzo Aduba won lead actress comedy for Orange Is The New Black as did the cast for best ensemble. Many of the winners and presenters made note of the diversity of both the nominees and winners.


Spike Lee, who won an honorary Oscar but will skip this year’s ceremony, has a hot new project about The King Of Pop. Michael Jackson: From Motown To Off The Wall is a documentary looking at the many changes Jackson’s incredible career went through to get to the Off The Wall project. Before 1982’s Thriller, 1979’s Off The Wall was a record breaking success for Jackson selling over 6 million copies and setting the stage for the bigger successes to come. Lee’s documentary focuses on Michael’s career with his brothers, solo work, film, leaving Motown and signing with CBS Records. The documentary includes interviews with Berry Gordy, Questlove, and Philly International Records Founders Gamble & Huff, who produced The Jackson Brothers first two albums after they left Motown resulting in their first platinum single and a gold album. Other highlights included previously recorded interviews, film footage and TV appearances. All of which lead up to Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson making a commitment to do that legendary 1979 album. Michael Jackson: From Motown To Off The Wall premieres on Showtime February 5th.


Speaking of the Oscars, Awards Show Producer Reginald Hudlin confirmed this year’s Host Chris Rock did go back and do some heaving rewriting of his material because of the diversity issue. This is the second year in a row there are no people of color nominated for Oscar’s most high profile awards. Hudlin tells the press that Rock will take aim at all of the controversy. The Academy spokespeople say they’re all for it, but let’s just see how folks feel once Rock hits the stage. Meanwhile, the Academy is also trying to at least present some diversity in the presenters by enlisting Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Hart, Pharrell Williams, Common, Kerry Washington and 1971 Oscars Music Director and 1996 Oscars Producer Quincy Jones. There’s also a speech expected on diversity. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Too little too late?

Misty Copeland, the first African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater is adding television to her plate. A Ballerina’s Tale is a PBS documentary that follows Copeland’s rise in dance and her double role model duty breaking the color barrier and proving a strong healthy weight and body type can succeed in ballet.Copeland will also be an executive producer on a new dance drama for FOX. The yet untitled drama will follow a group of young and aspiring dancers. Meanwhile, A Ballerina’s Tale airs Monday at 10pm on PBS.

This puts all eyes on this Friday’s NAACP Image Awards hosted by TV Comedy Actor Nominee Anthony Anderson (Black-ish). The box office hit Creed leads all films with six nominations, and Angela Bassett, Zoe Saldana, Will Smith, Idris Elba and the film Straight Outta Compton, which is now out on DVD, are also up for awards. Empire leads all TV programming with 13 nominations. Janet Jackson and The Weeknd lead all the music nominations. There’s also a tight race for the Entertainer Of The Year category Michael B. Jordan, Misty Copeland, Pharrell Williams, Shonda Rhimes and Viola Davis are all nominated. Singer/Songwriter/Activist John Legend will be receiving the Governor’s Award. Ironically, this year’s Image Awards and Oscar Awards share the same producer, Filmmaker Reginald Hudlin (House Party, Boomerang). The NAACP Image Awards will air live this Friday night, February 5th at 9pm on TV One.

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“High School Agenda” (Teenagers only)

 We will be speaking and taking questions on pressure and societies standards. Don’t worry, this will not be your average, sophomoric, boring conversation that your parents set up. It’s strictly made by teens, for teens. Speak your mind, make your voice heard and connect with others. Enjoy!

Every Thursday at 7 pm Eastern, phone number 646-727-2914  Please be fair with your comments, don’t curse, or mention anyone’s name.  The Chat Room is open and we will be taking questions and comments from there also.

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SHOW HOST:  Baqiyat Green

2/4/2016 at 4:00:00 PM 30 minutes


astrology-horoscopes-zoadiacs 2015

This month February horoscopes, we will be discussing “BLESSINGS” to look forward, or already in effect.  Thank you share this with your family, friends, associates.

ARIES – Your are  blessed, because you have finally, made it through the drama, and unnecessary bullshyt in your life.  Spiritually you are growing, keep the courage and faith in all areas of your life.

TAURUS – Blessed by your stubbornness that has kept you from harm.  All money is not good money.  We must be careful what we are chasing.  The present or the ghost of Xmas past?

GEMINI – Blessing coming your way because you have heart and empathy for other human beings.  It may not always come out that way.  But Gemini you know your heart and mind.

CANCER – Your Mothering nurturing spirit, touches so many people, that it is a snow ball.  Your Blessing is how you help people to understand circumstances in there lives.

LEO – Being the center of attention can be fun.  Your blessing is knowing when to stand back, and let the light shine on somebody else for a change.

VIRGO – Your blessing is your diplomacy in certain situations.

LIBRA – Your blessing is that you care about people.  If you can help you will, if not you have solution options as a suggestion.

SCORPIO – You are blessed to be on the right path in your life.  Just don’t infuriate anyone, while you are traveling.

SAGITTARIUS – You are a blessing to anyone you come in contact with.

CAPRICORN – Your blessing Capricorn you are the Alpha and Omega, everyday your Angels are helping you.

AQUARIUS – You are blessed as a water sign, to feel emotions.  To hopefully understand what other folks are experiencing. 

PISCES – Your are blessed to see the spiritual side of most things.  Then bring it back to logical understanding.

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