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Eight NFL teams that will take a step back in 2015


AFC East: New England Patriots

Forget about Deflategate for a minute.

Even if Tom Brady beats Roger Goodell in the appeals process, the Patriots will certainly not improve from last year’s Super Bowl form.

AFC South: Houston Texans When looking at the AFC South, you see two teams (Jacksonville and Tennessee) that cannot fall any further than they did last season, the ever-rising Indianapolis Colts and then Houston.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals  The biggest problem Cincinnati has, and this isn’t confined to the upcoming season, is that Andy Dalton is the team’s quarterback. The offensive roster is stacked with talent, but that talent inevitably goes to waste when the games matter most, thanks to Dalton’s propensity to choke under pressure.

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs  The Chiefs will be a tough team every week, but of the four AFC West teams, this squad has the best chance of taking a step back this season

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles 

The NFC East is always highly competitive, and it’s always a gamble to project what will happen. The Dallas Cowboys look like potential Super Bowl contenders this upcoming year, and the New York Giants are almost certain to bounce back after a poor showing in 2014.

Washington is…well, it’s going to stay in the cellar.

That leaves Philadelphia.

NFC South: Carolina Panthers 

The NFC South was horrible last year, making this a difficult decision. But it’s hard to imagine the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons falling further than they did a year ago, and Tampa Bay can only go up after winning just two games a year ago.

That leaves Carolina.

While the Panthers are extremely talented defensively, their offense is liable to stumble again in 2015.

NFC North: Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford’s career completion percentage is less than 60 percent, and he barely cracked that plateau last year. In an age when 70 percent is the new 60, he’s lagging far behind the curve. Despite having the greatest receiver in this generation at his disposal, Stafford still can’t seem to take the next step (annual note).

His lack of development as a franchise passer has a lot to do with why the Lions continue to disappoint their fans—a trend that will continue again in 2015.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has been to the final base camp of the NFL’s Mt. Everest two years running, reaching the summit two seasons ago. Both times, the Seahawks were carried by their defense, while the offense remained mostly the Marshawn Lynch show, with a smattering of brilliant plays by quarterback Russell Wilson.

Lynch is one year older, quickly approaching the dreaded 30-year-old mark. He has carried the ball 1,181 times the past four years since joining Seattle’s roster. He has made his mark on the league by breaking tackles that would drop most running backs, and he has had to do so because Seattle’s offensive line has always been an area of concern.

This year is no different. The team’s best offensive lineman last year, center Max Unger, was shipped off to New Orleans in the Jimmy Graham trade. In response to what the Seahawks will do to make up for the loss, head coach Pete Carroll had this to say.



Tension exists between Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler


If the Chicago Bulls want their backcourt of the future to consist of Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, the two stars are going to have to work on learning to coexist.

Dan Berstein of 670 The Score in Chicago reports that Rose became frustrated during Chicago’s blowout Game 6 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and allowed Butler to take over the offense. Rather than waving Butler off, Berstein notes that Rose took a “passive-aggressive” approach and attempted only four shots in the second half.

Sources describe a passive-aggressive reaction from Rose that was the culmination of tensions building in recent weeks with Butler’s emergence as a primary scorer. Butler is very aware that he won his bet on himself and is poised to reap the reward of a maximum contract from the Bulls, whether or not it takes an offer sheet from another club in restricted free agency this summer. Butler’s emergence was validated by the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award, and he’s now feeling every bit the star, with all that entails.

The Bulls scored 31 points in the first quarter and looked sharp on offense. Rose had three assists and was 5-of-9 shooting in the quarter. Chicago went cold in the second, with Butler shooting just 2-of-6 from the field and missing both of his 3-point.

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May Horoscopes 2015, Full Moon & Eclipse

Welcome everyone to May Horoscopes.  This month starts  May 3rd Full Moon in Scorpio, then Thursday an Eclipse.   New Moon  will be May 17th.  This month we will be discussing **BEST COURSE OF ACTION**.  Be thankful for all that you do have or that which you have been given and steer clear of negative thoughts or influences.  Allowing for weakness can be disastrous in that it will undermine all the work you’ve done.  Ok, let’s begin.


Watch out now, as things try to undermine your peace of mind.  You were right all along, but certain things had to transpire for you to believe and not doubt your actions.


Being stubborn will not help your cause.  Look at the whole picture not just what you want to see.  It will cost you in the long run.  Change your attitude this month, and so  your circumstances will change.


Guard your health this month Gemini.  Just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean for you get all willy nilly in the Sun.  This month will bring new openings if you are in businesses.  Like KUDOS, Gemini job well done.


It’s almost summer let your emotions bloom like the flowers.  You are such a nurturing person.  How about that garden, or flower bed.  Outside working in the earth, will make you feel so good.


Watch out for this Eclipse.  Your emotions have been wavering, back and forth.  Make up your mind, Leo before it’s too late.  Some folks are tired of your foolishness,  grow the hell up, and see what is before you!!!


Time waits for no one,  the one thing that is constant in our lives.  This actually is a good time for you to relax, and enjoy, take a breather.  If you have a vacation plan for May go for it, and enjoy.  We all need to exhale sometimes.


Come see, come saw.  Been there and done that you say.  But you won’t see this surprise coming.  It’s your *aha* moment.  Are you sure now Libra, well make that decision, you know it’s for the best.


Well dear Scorpio, the first moon of this month *Full*, is in your sign whoo nelly.  Hang on to your shorts!  It will be extremely bad or extremely good.  You will know what path to take.  Just remember you come first.   Self preservation is #1.


FIRE, fire, fire!!!  Were is the damn Fire Truck.  Yes my dear the Eclipse will send you into full action mode.  Why are things happening so fast to me you say.  The Eclipse sent you flying through space at a record speed.  You are a Fire sign burning up the runways, and everything else.  Please take advantage of this, because this is your time to shine.   Y’all see the Fire, it’s ok it’s just  Sagittarius.


You are one stubborn cookie sometimes.  But when you hit a home run, and all the bases are loaded, watch out somebody.  Who let the Goat out?  You will be butting heads with your decisions in life.  Release and let go I say, and let your future unfold on a good note, your peace of mind.  DO YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!


Everybody needs a dink of water, the problem is pissing it out.  Stop struggling with yourself.  This is your month to shine Mr/Ms Aquarius.  Debts are paid, and now your calling on life’s good times, and so you should.   Just don’t forget about family.


Talk about seeing the bullshyt a mile away, that is you my dear, lol lol.  Let me just say thank you Pisces.   This is the month you succeed, at whatever you try to accomplish.  It will be a little rocky at first, and then mid month on, you will be shouting glory-glory halleluiah,  About damn time OK!

by Lennis



Mexican actress best known for ‘La India Maria’ dies


Mexican actress and comedian Maria Elena Velasco, best known for her character “The Indian Maria,” has died at age 74.

The Mexican film institute announced through its Twitter account that Velasco, also a screenwriter and director, died Friday, but did not specify the cause.

Velasco’s “La India Maria,” which exaggerated stereotypes about Mexico’s indigenous people, became one of the most recognizable characters in Mexican film, dressed in colorful blouses and full skirts with her hair in braids.

“La India Maria,” often accompanied by her faithful donkey “Filemon,” sometimes illustrated the journey from her native village to the big city and the inevitable comic situations that followed.

Velasco started her career performing on stages in Mexico City. Her popularity eventually carried her to film fame and a long run on television.

Jerry Lewis telethon ends decades-long run, fundraising awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Association

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is ending its annual Labor Day telethon, a television tradition for decades that has slowly disappeared from view since the sudden end of Jerry Lewis’ role as host following the 2010 show.The telethon was a relic from a different age, a tuxedoed Lewis oozing show biz schmaltz and hosting stars from Frank Sinatra to Jennifer Lopez over 45 years, pushing through his exhaustion to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as a tote board rang up millions of dollars in donations.

From 21 and a half hours in Lewis’ final year, the show had been reduced to two hours the last two years on ABC.

“It’s not a 21-hour world anymore,” said Steve Ford, MDA executive vice president, on Friday.

With television time costly, the MDA’s fundraising efforts will move primarily online, he said. The success of a viral event like “The Ice Bucket Challenge” proves this is a potent area for philanthropy, he said.

“The real heroes have always been our families, and what we need to do is make sure that every dollar we raise is spent working for our families,” he said.

The Labor Day tote board hit a record of $65 million in 2008, a figure Ford said reflected a full year’s worth of fundraising activities capped off by the telethon. The MDA says the telethon itself has been responsible for more than $2 billion in giving.

Lewis’ abrupt exit, announced by the MDA a month before the 2011 telethon, was never fully explained.

The 89-year-old comedian declined to comment on Friday’s announcement, a spokeswoman said.

His history with the charity goes back nearly to its beginning: the MDA was started in 1950 and, a year later, Lewis and his comic partner Dean Martin mentioned the charity on their NBC show. The two comics hosted a 1956 telethon before breaking up. Lewis began hosting it regularly in 1966, starting on a single television station in New York.

The telethon was not without controversy; in the early 1990s it was picketed by a handful of disabled people who said people with the disease were being made objects of pity by Lewis to raise money.

Yet his roster through the years represented a who’s who of entertainment, including a post-Beatles John Lennon, Michael Jackson singing with and without his brothers, Liberace, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and Celine Dion. Former Johnny Carson sidekick Ed McMahon filled the same role with Lewis on Labor Day for many years.

In 1976, Sinatra engineered a reunion of Lewis with Martin, his estranged former partner.

With years of telethon tapes, the MDA has the equivalent of years of show biz gold in its vaults. Ford said the MDA has been discussing with Lewis ways to release some of this archived material.

Favorites Dortmund, American Pharoah lead strong Kentucky Derby field

One formula for producing the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years would be to have one outstanding horse in a slowpoke crop of 3-year-olds.

Not this year. Not in Saturday’s first leg of the crown — the Kentucky Derby.

American Pharoah is the 5-2 favorite, followed by unbeaten Dortmund (3-1 odds). But the 20-horse field at Churchill Downs will be loaded with others that have solid credentials.

“I’ve been doing this a long time. I cannot remember a Derby going in that I thought was as tough as this one is,” said Mike Battaglia, an NBC Sports analyst and Churchill Downs’ oddsmaker since the 1970s.

Battaglia noted that four horses — American Pharoah, Dortmund, Carpe Diem and Materiality — have had 19 races in their careers and won 17 of them. This year, they are 10-0.

“I can’t remember when we had a race where 3-year-olds were coming into this race undefeated like this,” Battaglia said in an NBC teleconference.

There are more challengers. Carpe Diem (8-1) would have been closer on the betting line to American Pharoah and Dortmund had he not drawn the No. 2 starting gate. Inside traffic can be tough in a 20-horse field.

“But he’s a good gate horse, and he’ll have to get away from there quickly,” said Todd Pletcher, Carpe Diem’s trainer. “That’s pretty much true whatever your (gate) draw is in this race.”

American Pharoah has drawn the most buzz, coming off an 8-length victory in the Arkansas Derby. He has run away with four races since finishing fifth in his first race as a 2-year-old. He started out this week at Churchill Downs with an outstanding workout Sunday and has taken it easy since.

But Dortmund is 6-0 in his career.

“We know that Pharoah is a brilliant horse,” said Baffert said. “But they’re both good horses. They’re pretty close.”

A month ago, Dortmund looked like the Derby favorite.

“After I watched Dortmund win the Santa Anita Derby (April 4), I thought I saw the Derby favorite. I said, ‘This horse is going to be the favorite,'” Battaglia said.

“Then I saw American Pharoah in Arkansas, and, like so many other people, I was blown away. So I thought this is going to be close, very close.

“I still think it’s going to be close, but all the hype, really, the hot horse here at Churchill Downs has been American Pharoah.”

Baffert knows American Pharoah and Dortmund aren’t the only two in the race.

American Pharoah will start out of gate No.17. Dortmund will start out of No.8. We’ll see if they’re in front in the stretch.

“I know I have two really good horses, but there is a really tough field,” Baffert said.

“There are some good horses, and with 20 horses … you need some luck. But you need a really good horse to win. … Going in, I have two. One’s undefeated; one should be undefeated. It’s a good feeling to have, but there’s a lot of anxiety.”

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