Colorado school blocks speech by valedictorian declaring he is gay

LONGMONT, Colo. — A Colorado charter school refused to let a class valedictorian deliver a graduation speech in which he planned to come out as gay, prompting criticism from activists.

Evan Young, 18, said he agreed to make some suggested changes to the speech he planned to deliver on May 16 at the commencement ceremony for Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School in Longmont. But he refused to remove the disclosure about his sexuality, the Daily Camera ( reported Thursday.

“My main theme is that you’re supposed to be respectful of people, even if you don’t agree with them. I figured my gayness would be a very good way to address that,” he said.

He and his father, Don Young, said they weren’t notified until just a few minutes before the ceremony that Evan Young wouldn’t be allowed to speak or be recognized as valedictorian.

Evan Young said he previously emailed a speech with other suggested changes to school officials, but they contend that he didn’t submit a revised version.

In a statement, the district said the first draft also included ridiculing comments about faculty and students and was condescending toward the school. School attorney Barry Arrington said in the statement that a graduation speech is not the time for a student to “push his personal agenda on a captive audience.”

Before the ceremony, Don Young said school principal PJ Buchmann called and said the speech was a problem because his son had mentioned another student’s name and planned to come out as gay.

Don Young said he and his wife didn’t know their son was gay. They were initially sympathetic to Buchman’s objections to the speech, considering there would be young children at the event, but did not like how Buchman handled the matter.

“It’s wrong, and it’s not fair,” said Mardi Moore, executive director of Out Boulder, a gay activist group. “The young man has all but a 4.5 GPA; he has told me that since a toddler he has worked for that honor, and they denied it.”

Out Boulder has asked Young to deliver his speech at an annual awards event on Sunday.


The Truth is Out There – Blue Mussels

While we my daughter and me were on vacation at Long Beach.  The strangest thing occur.  On Friday night my daughter went down to the beach just to drive around and look at the sunset over the water.

Upon her arrival beach side there were millions and millions of Blue Mussels many rows deep all dead.  She notice the vehicles going in and out weaving as to not get a shell in their tires.

The beach was closed for Clam season do to the Mussels.   Also sprinkle here there were dead crabs as well.  The Blue Mussels out number them by millions.

I went Saturday afternoon by then, Long Beach had used a sand plow to make a road going in and out of the beach area.  For miles all I could see was Mussels and Crabs.  It was really creepy.

OBSERVATION:  Why was it only these Blue Mussels & Crabs washed ashore?  Surely other animals in the water should have been affected as well don’t you think.  Could it have been some vibration in the water, that caused this anomaly?  Were there any other beaches along the seashore that experienced the same thing as Long Beach?  This is not a common occurrence.  Could it have been an experiment gone wrong, and it’s a hush-hush.  And lastly could there have been an U.F.O. exiting out of the water leaving shell-fish and crabs behind dead, because of the explosion outward.


’19 Kids and Counting’ Pulled From Hulu’

Hulu appears to have removed “19 Kids and Counting” following star Josh Duggar’s admission that he acted “inexcusably” as a teenager in response to reports that he molested underage girls, including some of his sisters.

Episodes were available on Wednesday, and while they will appear when searched for, users of the streaming service will be greeted with a “404” error message when they try to watch them.

Hulu did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The move is just one development in a continuing fallout. Several companies, including General Mills and Walgreens, have removed their advertising from the show in response to the scandal.

The reality series has also been pulled from TLC’s schedule.

In a statement on Friday, the network said that it is “deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims at this difficult time.”


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Lost 40 Lbs. by Eating a Can of Tuna a Day

jeffrey-dean-morgan-01-435This Actor is very handsome with weight or not, still good on the eyes.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2012 (left) and 2015

Jeffrey Dean Morgan lost a lot of weight for his new role in the new History Channel miniseries Texas Rising, but it wasn’t pretty.

“I lost over 40 pounds,” he told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb during an interview on Today on May 21.

“He had consumption,” Morgan, 49, explained of his character, “Deaf” Smith. “I got there and I was probably about 175, I left I was about 135. I ate a can of tuna fish a day. I did it in the most unhealthy way I could. I didn’t consult with a doctor or anything. We had said maybe we should lose, like, 10 pounds and then I just kept going and going. And by the end of the movie I just looked like hell.”


Bill Novak and Norman MacArthur: Gay Couple Adoption Bill Dissolved So Same-Sex Couple Can Legally Wed


A gay couple adoption for Bill Novak and Norman MacArthur was dissolved last week so that they could marry in a state that recently became legal. It started when they moved to the Philadelphia nearly 20 years ago when Pennsylvania would not recognize their domestic partnership from New York, according to HNGN.

Novak adopted MacArthur in 2000, two years his junior, as his son. Norman said the move reduced their inheritance tax liability and gave them hospital visitation and other legal rights then unavailable to same-sex couples.

“We were told when we started to look into this that hell would freeze over before Pennsylvania allowed same-sex marriage,” the 76-year-old stated. “So doing the adoption was literally the only thing we could do to give legal underpinning to our relationship.”

The gay couple adoption for Bill Novak and Norman MacArthur became a bigger problem after a federal judge lifted Pennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ban last year. They wanted to tie the knot after being together more than 50 years, but their legal status as father and son stood in the way.

However, Judge Gary B. Gilman of Bucks County Orphans’ Court vacated the gay couple’s adoption decree last week. It’s the first time a same-sex couple in Pennsylvania petitioned to have their adoption dissolved so they could marry, according to the couple’s attorney, Terry Clemons.

“It removes the hurdle for other people who may be in the same position as Bill and Norm,” Clemons said.

There are no statistics on the number of gay couples who have used adoption as a means to obtain legal recognition of their relationships. But the practice had been controversial within the gay community, said Angela Giampolo, a Philadelphia attorney specializing in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender law.

Giampolo said she was approached years ago by a gay couple who wanted her to help them navigate the adoption process, but she turned them down.

“What a lot of advocates back then were saying was this was delegitimizing” of same-sex relationships, said Giampolo, who blogs as Philly Gay Lawyer.

Also, unlike a marriage, the adoption could not be undone, she said she told the gay couple.

The gay couple adoption for Bill Novak and Norman MacArthur did not change the dynamics of their relationship in any way. Friends and family greeted it with a shrug, Norman said.

Novak and MacArthur had 30 of their friends in the courtroom last week. The judge, noting rapid acceptance of same-sex marriage nationally, agreed to vacate the adoption for Bill and Norman.

“The courtroom burst into applause. I burst into tears,” MacArthur recalled. “They were certainly happy tears. After months of investigating ways that we could do this and finally having the decision coming down in our favor, I’m still walking 3 feet above the ground.”

MacArthur said he knows of several gay couples who went through the adoption process. Norman said Clemons is representing one other couple who is petitioning to vacate the adoption so they can marry.

The couple has been together for more than 50 years, and they already got a marriage license. Some could say the gay couple adoption for Bill Novak and Norman MacArthur paved the way for them to wed.

High School Dress Code Letter Advises Girls To Cover Their ‘Sausage Rolls’

Graduating seniors at Biglerville High School might not find it hard to say goodbye to their school, thanks to an offensive letter about dress code.

Administrators gave a letter to students on Tuesday that offered guidelines for appropriate attire for an awards ceremony that will take place before Friday’s graduation, WHTM/ABC27 reported.

In the letter, male students were advised to wear khakis or dress slacks with a collared shirt and reminded to pull their pants up. Female students were told to wear “modest attire,” which included clothing that would “keep ‘the girls’ covered and supported.” Senior Brianna Burtop found the language offensive and was especially insulted by one particular part of the letter.

“They were telling us that they don’t want to be looking at our sausage rolls and you can’t fit 10 pounds of mud in a 5-pound bag,” she told WHTM/ABC27, citing direct examples from the letter.

Shocked at the way the Pennsylvania school handled the dress code description, Brianna decided to share the guidelines on Facebook on Tuesday.



  • A pair of khakis or dress slacks and a collared shirt would be appropriate.
  • If you choose to wear a t-shirt, make your choices wisely.
  • If you feel that you must wear jeans, wear nice ones.
  • PULL YOUR PANTS UP! Your underwear choices should be your own private choice and remain private. Besides, it is a really bad look to be walking in hanging on to your drawers to keep them from falling down.


  • A skirt or nice slacks would be appropriate. Keep in mind that many of you will be on the stage and the stage is raised above the audience. This means that the audience will be looking up at you. Therefore, if your skirt is too short, it means that everyone in the auditorium will know exactly what kind of underwear you have on. The same guideline applies to you…some choices should remain private. If you don’t have a longer skirt, choose slacks.
  • Choose modest attire. No bellies showing, keep “the girls” covered and supported, and make sure that nothing is so small that all your bits and pieces are hanging out. Please remember as you select an outfit for the awards assembly that we don’t want to be looking at “sausage rolls” as Mrs. Elliott calls them. As you get dressed remember that you can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a five-pound sack.
  • *******************************************************************************************************************
  • “You’re supposed to feel safe and comfortable here,” Brianna said. “For a letter like that to come from the administration is really appalling.”

    The school district has since released a statement on the matter explaining that the author of the document wrote it years ago and has since retired. Brianna wants the letter to be changed for future graduates and told WHTM/ABC27 she hopes her fellow female students will receive an apology for the insulting comments.

    “I just want the paper changed and for them to apologize to these girls because as 18-year-olds we’re all insecure and impressionable.”

    According to WPXI, Brianna’s mother is also threatening to sue the school district for sexual harassment.

    Read the entire letter and the school district’s response over at


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Eight NFL teams that will take a step back in 2015


AFC East: New England Patriots

Forget about Deflategate for a minute.

Even if Tom Brady beats Roger Goodell in the appeals process, the Patriots will certainly not improve from last year’s Super Bowl form.

AFC South: Houston Texans When looking at the AFC South, you see two teams (Jacksonville and Tennessee) that cannot fall any further than they did last season, the ever-rising Indianapolis Colts and then Houston.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals  The biggest problem Cincinnati has, and this isn’t confined to the upcoming season, is that Andy Dalton is the team’s quarterback. The offensive roster is stacked with talent, but that talent inevitably goes to waste when the games matter most, thanks to Dalton’s propensity to choke under pressure.

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs  The Chiefs will be a tough team every week, but of the four AFC West teams, this squad has the best chance of taking a step back this season

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles 

The NFC East is always highly competitive, and it’s always a gamble to project what will happen. The Dallas Cowboys look like potential Super Bowl contenders this upcoming year, and the New York Giants are almost certain to bounce back after a poor showing in 2014.

Washington is…well, it’s going to stay in the cellar.

That leaves Philadelphia.

NFC South: Carolina Panthers 

The NFC South was horrible last year, making this a difficult decision. But it’s hard to imagine the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons falling further than they did a year ago, and Tampa Bay can only go up after winning just two games a year ago.

That leaves Carolina.

While the Panthers are extremely talented defensively, their offense is liable to stumble again in 2015.

NFC North: Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford’s career completion percentage is less than 60 percent, and he barely cracked that plateau last year. In an age when 70 percent is the new 60, he’s lagging far behind the curve. Despite having the greatest receiver in this generation at his disposal, Stafford still can’t seem to take the next step (annual note).

His lack of development as a franchise passer has a lot to do with why the Lions continue to disappoint their fans—a trend that will continue again in 2015.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has been to the final base camp of the NFL’s Mt. Everest two years running, reaching the summit two seasons ago. Both times, the Seahawks were carried by their defense, while the offense remained mostly the Marshawn Lynch show, with a smattering of brilliant plays by quarterback Russell Wilson.

Lynch is one year older, quickly approaching the dreaded 30-year-old mark. He has carried the ball 1,181 times the past four years since joining Seattle’s roster. He has made his mark on the league by breaking tackles that would drop most running backs, and he has had to do so because Seattle’s offensive line has always been an area of concern.

This year is no different. The team’s best offensive lineman last year, center Max Unger, was shipped off to New Orleans in the Jimmy Graham trade. In response to what the Seahawks will do to make up for the loss, head coach Pete Carroll had this to say.



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