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Owner of The Essence of Success Radio Network, Author, Consultant, Motivator, Visionary, Accurate Psychic Consultant (40yrs), Public Relations Planner.  Retired Aviation Sr. Controller.

Proficient in:  Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Connects you to love ones that have passed over.  Chinese, Soul, reg Tarot Card readings.  Voice/Picture  readings. 

Author, empathetic reader, trusted advisor and engaging speaker,
Lennis motivates and inspires many clients with her words,
enthusiasm and website!




Rekki Master, Teacher, Minister, Photographer, and she has been married 42 years.  She is an excellent Psychic, she helps in seeing the positive aspects of any situation, or facing the reality of it. Excellent cook and caterer for small or large events.  Also home Day Care, and after school care.


Both ladies can be heard every Sunday on Free Psychic Readings @3pm PST, on They are amazing, accurate Psychics. Call in for a reading, 646-727-2914.


       DAILY PSYCHIC READINGS 11am to 7pm PST, go to page



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Radio Network, Intuitive Readings, Sports, Poetry, Blog, Prayers and more

1. Radio Shows weekly on Sunday - Saturday
2. Intuitive Readings daily 11am to 7pm PST
3. Sports - we cover all, NBA, NFL, GOLF, SOCCER, TENNIS, etc.
4. Poetry to open your mind to words and meanings
5. Prayers - for daily living
6. Blog - is always commentary of current events in the news.

7. Humor

8. Passage To Empowerment


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