ATL HOUSEWIFES – reunion Part 1


OPINION – ATL House wife’s reunion show Part 1. I enjoy the program until KENYA, starting showing her insecurities, and attention whore personality. What was with the wand, and bullhorn? PORTIA – I look at you as young and immature, your still learning and growing. Surprised Nene stayed in her lane, uhmnnnnn
Next week Part 2 – Remember how JOYCE (Kandi’s Mama), didn’t like Todd, and was always saying something negative. Even though this young man on several occasions try to reach out to Joyce on his behalf, and Kandi’s. Well……………….
in Part 2, JOYCE was using Kandi’s name getting all these credit cards, and charging all over Georgia like she was Nene Ok, lol lol. Kandi didn’t find out until all those bills starting coming due. Now is it me or is that a THIEF and LIAR, can talk a good game until CAUGHT! What would Jesus say. You see JOYCE was so busy bad mouthing Todd and what Kandi should do. She forgot the shyt she DID to her own daughter OK! She was throwing a rock and hiding her hand.
BTW – did ya see how big Portia breast are now, I an’it mad at you girlfriend, lol lol

NEW TIME – Psychic Readings at 6pm PST or 8pm EST

NEW TIME – Psychic Readings show at 5pm PST or 8pm EST
Join us this evening. Call in with your questions, 646-727-2914.
CHAT ROOM WILL BE OPEN, for questions with Moderator Ms. Nina. Enjoy Lennis & Brenda giving answers that hopefully will
help with your journey or path in life.
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LNB passage to empowerment- forgiveness and apology

What happens when you forgive someone? Is an apology necessary? Let’s talk about this and find out how holding things in and not releasing them can hurt you, mentally and physically.

Watch: Oprah’s Forgiveness Aha! Moment  “It means letting go of our past. It really means letting go of our perception that we really need to hold a grievance the rest of our lives. That if we really want to hold on to grievances, we’ll never really be happy.  It’s really a willingness to see the person in the light of love rather than in the action that happened. So it’s really changing perception and it really means letting go of the past that we thought we wanted.  You know we can’t really change that past so it means releasing the negative perception of it and coming back to the present”

*EASTER SHOW* w/Mahalia Jackson & Aretha Franklin

Welcome to “In The Studio w/Lennis.  Today’s show is featurning music from two great ICONS in Gospel music.  Mahalia Jackson, and Aretha Franklin.  I hope this music will bring good memories of Easter’s holidays with family and friends.  Happy Easter to all the listener’s today and may you be blessed.  Sunday at 3:00 pm PST or 6pm EST, call in is 646-727-2914.   Thank you!


FRIDAY TRAFFIC JAMS – Part 2 of Luther Vandross

Part 2, of the Luther Vandross special.  Beautiful music, pleasant

memories to enjoy.  Join me at 3pm PST to listen to call in with

“Shout Out”, 646-727-2914



Time 2 Love with Lydia Pellow- “Opening your heart”

We’ve all been hurt. Keeping our hearts open is scary. Is your heart closed? Not just to love but to life? To love ourselves we have to open our hearts. Being vulnerable and open is not what our society tells us to do. Being closed or guarded. We get locks for our doors and shut and lock the windows. This keeps us lonely and fearful. I’m suggesting we open the doors of our hearts and see what happens. We choose to live in fear but we can live a life of love. Are you ready?

At 2pm PST or 5pm EST, call in: 646-727-2914



Luther Vandross – “FRIDAY TRAFFIC JAMS”

TODAY’S SHOW – “Friday Traffic Jams”, is dedicated to Luther Vandross
At 3:00pm PST, 646-727-2914,  (you can call in and just listen as well)
The show will have a sweet memory rhythm to it.  What were you doing when Luther came on the radio?  Or should I say, what were you doing when you were listening to the CD.  Join me on the journey down memory lane.



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