Need 4 people for new radio shows

If you have ever been interested in doing radio work, well here it is.  If you already familiar with Radio Shows, or experience do contact me.  If you have no Radio experience I will train you or the Manager of the Network.  Your shows can be about, Current News, Sports, Music, Spirituality,  Youth.  We will work with you.  There is no cost you have to pay.  Just enjoy sharing your talent with the public.  It will also give you exposure for your business.

Contact me here, be sure and leave a phone number or email address that you can be reach at.  Please only contact me if you are serious.  The commitment is 1 hour a week period, that’s it.  Now isn’t that easy.   Thank you.

You can click on Radio Shows above, to listen to archive shows, to get an idea of the network.  It’s “The Essence of Success Radio Network”, own and operated by Lennis.  Mgr. Ms. Nina



In The Studio w/Lennis *EMPOWERING YOUTH* @ 7pm PST, 646-727-2914

Monday’s show – “LNB Empowerment”, discussed how can we empower our youth,  that life will be better.  Also giving tools to help Parents, Family, and Children.  So on my show today we will continue this discussion, and also talk about the Leaders or not helping.  Please tell your family and friends to call in and give their opinion of today’s youth.  Teachers, Counselors, Police Officers, and Ministers, we need to hear from you as well.


PHONE NUMBER:  646.727.2914

Thank you!

*PSYCHIC READINGS SUNDAYS* with Lennis @ 3pm PST, 646-727-2914

Sooooo what is really going on in your life.  Let’s talk about it and find a solution to your question, or dilemma.  One question per caller please, we have to be fair to other callers waiting to be served.  Every 9th caller, receives a 1 hour reading with Lennis a $60 value.  So call in early you might just be the 9th caller.  If you desire a more in depth reading with Lennis go to her website:  click on Intuitive Readings.

Daily Psychic Readings from 11am to 5pm PST, closed weekends.  Lennis is very accurate.  In person readings are taped for accuracy.



It’s the end of the week, and what a week uh?  Well I’m going to help you feel all better.  Tune in to “Friday Traffic Jams” with your girl Lennis and party, tell the sun go down, lol lol    *click below*–party-central-at-5pm-PST

Tell your friends, family, associates, we are going to party, with some amazing, outstanding, R & B Music, rock on everybody!!

See ya there at 5pm, CHAT ROOM WILL BE OPEN.

Thank you!

FRIDAY TRAFFIC JAMS “Party Time” 5pm PST, 646-727-2914

Almost the end of Summer soon, so let’s party tell we drop, lol.  Music to make you get up dance, toe tapping, booty shaking music.  Tell all your friends, family, associates to listen in, they won’t want to miss this show.  There maybe a few friends stopping by during the show.  So let’s do this and enjoy the end of Summer.  Thank you!

Click on the link below, and let’s party – whoo-whoo!

“In The Studio w/Lennis”, Wed. 7pm PST, 646-727-2914

Good day everyone.  Well this week show we will be discussing the Fall TV Shows.   Are there any programs you enjoy and hope it continues to be renewed.  Or are there shows that are stupid or insult your intelligence.   Crime, drama,  comedy, game shows.

Let’s talk about it, getting ready for the season.  Autumn and Fall always brings interesting television programs.  Click below to go the show on Wednesday.  Thank you for your support.


Good day to everyone.  This is Lennis one of the most accurate readers you will find.  I do past life, Angels, talk to love ones that have passed over.  I give you the most current analysis that is occurring in your life at this time.  Employment, Romance, Relationships, Family, Children, Health, and Wellness.

I’m a Psychic that empowers my clients, to reach their goals and answer life questions.

Click on the ICON at the top for a Intuitive Reading.  Talk to you soon.  Enjoy your week in the life.



SMOOTH JAZZ, tonight at 5pm PST, w/Lennis

Friday Traffic Jams – *SMOOTH JAZZ* @5pm PST, with Lennis
Featured artists – Paul Hardcastle, Michael Lington, Bob Baldwin, Nick Colionne, Julian Vaughn, Darren Rahn, Tim Bowman, Randy Scott, just to mention a few of them. Join me and let’s jam together, getting ready for the weekend.–smooth-jazz-5pm-pst-with-lennis

Friday Traffic Jams, welcome to an hour of pure pleasure in music.  Just got off work or heading home from where ever. Plug your phone into the car radio with USB. Or pull up to the internet, with your tablet, iPod, android and listen to the best music show in the northwest.  On the “Essence of Success Radio Network”.  Friday at 5pm PST, 646-727-2914646-727-2914 for shout outs, birthdays, anniversary’s, birth, engagements, graduations, etc. i.e.  Your Host Lennis, always brings a lively fun show, with commentary.  See ya Friday, thanks!

Thank you!

“PROUD 2 B DIFFERENT”, tonight at 7pm PST, 646-727-2914

I would like ALL of the Gay Community to come out tonight and support Maxxwell’s first show on The Essence Of Success Radio Network. He will be discussing all kind of community happenings, issues, health, wellness, music, fun things.
So I’m calling on all my friends, Gay, LGBT, Transsexual, Bisexual, etc. ie
TONIGHT AT 9pm PST – call in 646-727-2914646-727-2914 or Skype -Lennis44


PROUD 2 B DIFFERENT” @ 9PM PST With Host Maxxwell
A potpourri of subjects to be discussed from a 40-something Gay males perspective. Topics can range from pop culture, men, woman, money, social structure, video games, movies, art, geekery, cars, sports, life style media, recovery, politics, television programs mental health, and spirituality. Also what ever else happens to fall out of my head.

With special suprise guests and audience Q & A.

A show for the masses that will stimulate and hopefully leave you feeling better about yourself.
Thank you all and lets have FUN!!!

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