Oprah Winfrey is rocking 5-inch Louboutin heels on the latest issue of O magazine.

Michael Strahan is on the cover of the latest issue of Ebony magazine. Speaking of Stahan, is there tension on the Good Morning America set since he joined the morning crew? According to published reports….. there is. Sources say Strahan only gets along with Robin Roberts because of their sports backgrounds. Strahan has let everyone know his gig Live With Kelly & Michael comes first, and that is his priority. Apparently, the other morning crew members are having a hard time warming up to Strahan because he is only warm to Robin.

ESPN magazine is celebrating their annual Body Issue featuring a nude Venus Williams. The 34-year old tennis sensation bares all in more ways than one. Williams talks about her career and her road back to good health after battling the incurable muscle soreness disease Sjogren’s syndrome. Also featured in the Body Issue: the WNBA’s Angel McCoughtry, the NFL’s Larry Fitzgerald and Boxer Bernard Hopkins.

Actor Anthony Anderson is coming to the Food Network. Anderson has a new food show Food Fest Nation, which premieres Monday, July 21st at 9pm on the Food Network. Anderson is traveling the country visiting all the top food festivals. His new ABC sitcom Black-ish, with Tracee Ellis Ross, kicks off in the fall.

A new season of the controversial reality show The Preachers Of L.A. kicks off August 20th on the Oxygen network.

Apollo Nida of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta will be going away for eight years for cashing stolen checks and a money laundering scheme. He could have gotten 30 years, but he cooperated with authorities. Since he still has to serve jail time, how will his wife Phaedra Parks go on without her husband and the father of her two small children. How will this affect the future episodes of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

Apollo Live with Host Tony Rock returned to BET. The show features Judges Doug E. Fresh, Gladys Knight and Michael Bivins, and airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on BET.

First Lady Michelle Obama is the Cover Lady for the latest issue of Essence magazine.

Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o is gracing the cover of Vogue.

Tamar Braxton takes the cover for Upscale magazine.

The new digital Jet magazine is ready. The new Jet is available for tablets and mobile devices and published once a week with updates daily beginning this month. Got to jetmag.com for more info.

Beyonce Dad! more children, say what???

More babies for Beyonce’s Dad! Matthew “Papa” Knowles, the father of Beyonce and Solange Knowles, has been hit with another paternity suit. Suit number two is from a 30-year old lingerie model named TaQoya Branscomb. Branscomb claims Knowles is the father of her two-year old, and she was a casual acquaintance of Knowles’ daughter Solange. This affair was not known to Solange. Knowles is already paying child support to Alexsandra Wright. She gave birth to his son. Last year, Knowles recently got married to former Model and Real Estate Agent Gena Avery, a woman who does not have children with Knowles. Knowles was married to Beyonce and Solange’s mom Tina for almost 30 years. Branscomb is seeking a DNA test, child support and declaration of paternity. The past few years have been tough for Papa Knowles. His daughter Beyonce fired him as her manager after he cheated on her mother, and then his income opportunities dried up.


LNB Passage to Empowerment – How does social networking affect your empowerment?


Do you have a Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media accounts? Do you blog?  How much information do you put about yourself on these accounts? Do you think you are safe putting out personal information to the public? How can we use social media to empower ourselves?

Can too much information on social media lead to trouble for you? Do you think that potential employers should be able to hold what you have put on your account against you?

Check out our webpage at lnbp2e.com  or you can reach us at lnb.p2e@gmail. com

Or you can reach the manager at nina.essence2s@gmail.com

In The Studio with Lennis – “Mental Health Relationships” 7pm PST, 646-727-2914


TONIGHT AT 7pm to 8pm PST, Host, Lennis

Relationships – Marriage, Partners, Living together, do you know if that person has any mental issues. Do you know Red Flags?
***warning signs you might be dating someone with a mental illness***

We will be discussing Mental Health in Relationships.  How well do you understand your mate.  At times is understanding confusing.  Is your mate Bi-Polar, a manic depressant, and maybe you are not aware of this.  Are there Red Flags, when getting to know someone?  Join us for keeping together relationships that have Mental Health problems.


Hot Topics, what is hot this week in the news, or world.  What is everybody talking about.  We will discuss points of interest, with laughter, and referrals if needed.  Is there something you would like to see discuss,  Give us a HOLLA, lol at, www.facebook.com/theessenceofsuccessnetwork  or www.theessenceofsuccess.com (website).  Join Lennis, and producer Shabane, for a lively hour of discussions on just about any subject.  Thank you for listening.

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LNB Passage to Empowerment – Bringing Mental Health into the Light



Mental health is a serious problem in both the USA and Canada? It is time we bring this to the forefront of everyone’s minds. We at the Essence of Success Radio Network are devoting the entire week on this issue. 

You should never be ashamed of seeking the help that you or someone you know needs. How can we change things? Do we start with ourselves or our governments? 

Do you know where to go for help for you or someone else? Is that help readily available?

We will also be talking about the difference between Canada and the US as far as mental health is concerned.

Every show this week on “THE ESSENCE OF SUCCESS RADIO NETWORK”, will be dedicated to Mental Health.

1.    LNB Empowerment  at 7pm PST

2.    Bring Your Own Brilliance  at  6pm PST

3.    In The Studio w/Lennis  at  7pm PST

4.    Filmcology  at  6pm PST

5.    Friday Traffic Jams  at  5pm PST

6.    Time 2 Love  at  2pm PST

7.    Psychic Readings  at  3pm  PST

For more information, these shows are also listed on FB, Google, & Yahoo.  Please join us this week for a very important issue Mental Health.


Welcome everyone to my monthly horoscopes.  Hope you enjoy the readings, and return next month to see what’s up.  lol

This month’s reading will be two areas “Relationships” and “Money”, thank you.


Relationships:  Aries do you sometime feel like your beating a dead horse, of course you do.  When will change occur so you can be happy.  First off stop settling for what is, and get what you want.  Be clear Aries of what you are looking for on an permanent basis.  Not some fly by night jock (so to speak).  Your not just a notch in someone’s belt you are a value human be-ing.  Just think about love, and what that truly means to you!  Money:  Savings would be good about now Aries.  I would start putting money back for a rainy day in the near future.  So stick to your budget this summer, and don’t over spend and put yourself in harms way ok.


Relationships:  Happenstance, sounds familiar it should, stop messing around Taurus and get your but in gear.  Too much playing around lately, so lets get serious here.  Summertime is a great time for you to cement any relationship, family, friends, or associates.  If you don’t pay heed Taurus, you will be left out in the cold, do to your own surmise.   Money:  Never has been to much of a problem for you.   You know how to reach your money goals.  Your stubborn enough not only to do just that, but make it happen like yesterday, lol.


Relationships:  Stop, look, listen to what your heart is telling you.  You know it’s true.   You have so much to share and give.  Just don’t wear your heart on your sleeve Gemini.  You could meet quite a few new people during this summer period.  Always good to expand your horizons.  If your involved with someone, well……. guess what it will only get better, and better.  Congrats Gemini!  Money:  You do save when it’s necessary or you have a major goal in front of you.  This summer take some time out and speed some money on YOU for a change.  It will be well worth it Gemini, lol.


Relationships:  Well, well, well Cancer get it female/male.  Happy Birthday to ya!  Looking good, and I hope you are feeling good.  Changes are all for the good right now for you dear Cancer.  Some folks will have to shore up their thinking and behavior.   Yes it’s ok to get angry and upset, come on now, you are a human be-ing.  Love is in the air for you, so go forth and enjoy.  Remember hold a little bit back, don’t expose all your cards right now.  Money:  If you have been in a pinch for money, that door will now open up.  I know uh about damn time.  Patience is a virtue, and good things will come to those that wait.  As they say the check is in the mail!!!!


Relationships:  What’s up Leo you playing games.  Better rein that foolishness in, not a good look on YOU.  If you are in a relationship, communication seems to be the problem.  Best you two get an understanding of what you want for each other, now & future.  Money:  Spending like there is no tomorrow is not good Leo.  I know you like looking good, and have a image to uphold.  Now is not that time.  You are starting to dip into your savings.  Beware is talking to you, don’t do it, you will be sorry later.


Relationships:   About damn time, how long can you hold on to a dream, fantasy, reality, hope for?  This month Virgo is your new beginning.  There are several admires around female/male Virgos in July.  Pick one and enjoy the summer with.  Nothing like fun in the sun with someone you enjoy to be around.  I see a lot of couple dates coming up in your environment.  Folks are always trying to hook you up Virgo, bless there hearts.  They have no idea how picky you can be when it comes to LOVE.   Money:  Hold on the best is yet to come.  Need money well baby it coming your way.  I will say it won’t be easy, you will work hard for it, but it’s yours, and do what you may.


Relationships:  Talk about a turn around.  Nothing like balance in ones life.  If you are involved, or getting ready to be involved, this is a good time to enjoy that.  Sometimes Libra you can be flaky about what you want.  But this July and August you will have it.  Love, music, sun, laughter is all in the air for you dear Libra.   Money:  Things are looking pretty good for you.  Don’t see any money problems for you at this time.   Enjoy your summertime.


Relationships:  Look here, look there, look everywhere – why?  Love is standing right there in your face.  What are you desiring in your life?   Nothing is perfect, that’s for sure.  Scorpio keep building your self esteem, and faith.  He will appear, when you least expect it.  Money:  This year has been enjoyable so far.  Just keep tabs on your spending.  I see more money in November for you.  Contract in nature, you finally get an answer regarding an investment.


Relationships:  Come on Sag, you know you got it in more ways than one.  You are so loving sometimes I think you missed your calling.  Some times folks don’t always understand your attentions, and that’s ok.  But, your a big time lover, affectionate, and compassionate.  July your relationships with female/male will be so enjoyable, you don’t want to miss anything happening.  If single your love life will pickup this month.  Eyes are watching you Sag, lol lol.  Money:  You may have to work a little harder, but hey you play hard to.  So it balances itself out.  Sag do you, just be careful how you spend.


Relationships:  One day at a time dear Cappy.  Ya gonna have to let your guard down, and open up.  We all have been there hurt, disappointed, betrayed.  But hey it just shows us what we don’t need in our love life.   In July Cappy, you will meet if single, and unusual man, not your normal dating factor.  Do opposites attract  well heck yeah they do, and work it all out to boot.  Get out in the sunshine and let your love light shine, you will be noticed.  Money:    The door is open walk right in, and ask, it shall be given.


Relationships:  Come see, come saw,  Been there done that.  You are good to go.  In July Aquarius take some well deserve me time.  Take time to reflect, and get close to your true feelings.  We all try to hide what we really feel, but the truth will always prevail.  Your body and speech gives you away every time.  Money:  You are one of the blessed one’s this month.  So go out there and enjoy some pleasure priniciples.


Relationships:  Everything comes together for the good.  Expect a surprise in August.  What wasn’t will now be, heh! heh!  Grow your garden of love, folks that are already in relationships, like gardening you must keep your plants water.  Single folks get to the water and enjoy.  Take a vacation this summer you deserve one, so take it.  Yes prayers and desires are answered.  Money:  If you have been experiencing shortage, well that is about to change.  Good news toward the end of July.   Fabulous news in August concerning your finances, you will be so relieved!!!!

Thank you for reading July Horoscopes, hope you enjoy, I sure enjoy doing this monthly for you.   Lennis

In The Studio with Lennis – “POETRY READINGS” at 7pm PST, 646-727-2914

Wednesday night, at 7pm folks, hope you enjoy the Poetry.

TONIGHT SHOW A SPECIAL TREAT.  Lennis will be reading excerpts from her book “Are YOU Ready?”.  A book of profound poetry.  Make you stop and thing about the use of daily  words, and how we understand them.

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PSYCHIC READINGS by Lennis at 3pm PST, 646-727-2914

Well it’s Summer time folks, what would you like to see happen in your lifes.  Looking for a new relationship?  Good vacation spots around the USA.  How about a promotion time to change jobs, or get a new one. Call in and join Lennis for a accurate reading.  Sometimes Brenda will be with us, our resident Numerlogist, and Psychologist.  Every 9th caller receives a 1hr free reading from Lennis.  Normal charge for this is $60.  For a more indepth reading with Lennis and personal go to www.theessenceofsuccess.com  click on Readings. Thank you for enjoying the show and help.


5 Reasons-”The Highest Offer Won’t Always Get You The House

When it comes to buying a house, the highest priced offer gets the house…right? Not always! Conventional wisdom suggests that during negotiations, especially in a multiple offer situation, whomever throws the most money at the seller will snag the house. That’s not always true! Sure, a hefty sum on an offer is the first thing that every seller wants to see, but any good real estate agent will advise their seller that each offer is a sum of its parts.

Here are five reasons why you may just beat that higher offer:

  1. Cash Is King

    The bottom line is if you can buy with all cash, you will likely win out over a higher priced offer. This may sound like a lot to try and scrap together, but many people do. According to RealtyTrac’s latest data, 43% of all home sales in 2014 have been all-cash deals. Savvy sellers know the benefits of an all-cash buyer: there is no issue involving mortgages and lenders, the escrow closes faster, and there is no appraisal to worry about.

  2. The Next Best Thing To Cash: A Pre-Approval Letter

    A pre-approval letter is the confirmation that you’ve acquired from your mortgage broker or bank that says you’re ready to buy in a set price range and have been pre-approved for the loan. In essence, the pre-approval letter turns you into a virtual cash buyer, as mortgages are harder to come by these days. Someone may be offering to pay more, but if they are not pre-approved, you will have the leg up, even at a slightly lower price.

  3. Timeline Flexibility

    ‘Closing’ is generally 30, 45, 60, or 90 days. Customizing the length of the closing to suit the seller’s needs can often seal the deal over a higher priced offer. A seller will generally want a fast closing, usually 30 days. If you have all your ducks in a row, you may be able to do this. However, what if the house they are moving to won’t be ready for 60 days? They’ll need more time. Find out what they need, and then give it to them. I’ve seen many lower offers win using this tactic.

  4. The “Please Let Me Buy Your House” Letter

    I know, I know, you are thinking this is soooo cheesy. However, a friend of mine had three similar offers on the table when he was selling his house. Two of the offers came with very heartfelt letters. He was actually put off by the buyer who didn’t send a letter because the others did and it made a huge impact—and he sold to one of the letter-writers, even though it was a slightly lower priced offer than the non-letter writer. Writing a letter may not get you the deal, but if you are the one offer that doesn’t put pen to paper, it could lose it.

  5. Don’t Overload On Contingencies 

Contingencies are negotiating tools that give you an opportunity to walk away without consequence. The most common contingencies are the inspection, the financing and the appraisal. However, every contingency that you add has the potential to make your offer look weaker, because it makes it that much harder to close the deal.. Lighten up on them and make sure you really need them before building them into your offer.

Here’s some more details on specific contingencies and how to handle each:

    • Contingent Upon Inspection – I have heard other experts give you the “tip” to forgo the inspection contingency to make your offer more attractive. Here’s my advice: NEVER give up this one. After your inspection, you give the seller your list of problems, current and potential, along with the opportunity to fix them, make a price adjustment, or give you a credit back. If the seller does not agree to any of your requests, you can walk. You take a huge risk if you wave this. A much better option is to tighten up the time line and offer to do the inspection in the first few days after opening escrow and to give a response to the inspection results within a few days.
    • Contingent Upon Financing –Again, this is another contingency you should never omit in your deal, unless of course you are paying all cash. With most 30-to-45 day closings, you will usually have 17-to-21 days to get your mortgage approval. Having that pre-approval letter will make this finance contingency less of an issue for your seller.
    • Contingent Upon Appraisal -. It’s very possible that the house may not appraise for what you have offered to pay. However, if you have done your homework, analyzed the comps of the neighborhood, and are comfortable with the price you have offered, then you might consider waving this one. The downside is that you will have to come up with the difference under the negotiated sales price. Waving this contingency really gives you a leg up over the competition, especially in a hot market where the seller is trying to get top dollar.

SELLERS: What was it about an offer that made you say yes?

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