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    6 tips on how to eat breakfast and lose weight!!! 

    A habitual strategy for losing weight is to reduce the number of calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it is much more effective and more pleasant in this sense to work a literate breakfast program with a concentration on certain foods and ingredients.

    1. Increase the serving size   Yes, on the one hand, the larger the serving size, the more calories. But on the other hand, in this case, experts note a more effective weight loss due to the regulation of metabolism.

    2. Add the bran


    Nutritionists call bran one of the key dietary products, because they contain an excessive amount of fiber. And it, in turn, removes toxins and toxins, improves intestinal motility and stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood.


    3. Switch to protein


    Chicken breast, steamed beef, tofu, cheese are all quality sources of protein, which should appear on your morning table as often as possible. After all, it’s not a secret that the protein perfectly satiates and, according to the results of the research, stimulates the production of a “satiety indicator” – peptide YY. In this study, participants who ate breakfast for a meal rich in protein, reported that they felt not hungry and less likely to have a snack before lunch.


    4. Prepare the eggs


    Omelette, fried or soft-boiled? Whichever recipe you choose, we have great news: recent studies have shown that eating 2 eggs in the morning helps to lose weight more effectively than with a complete lack of food for breakfast. The fact is that eggs are very rich in protein – as much as 5.5 grams in 1 piece. Namely, this component effectively removes excess fluid from the body and permanently satisfies hunger. Bonus: eggs also contain choline, which improves the function of the nervous and cardiovascular system.


    5. Eat oatmeal


    It may sound quite trite, but it’s better not to find a plate of warm classic oatmeal for breakfast. According to a recent study, people who eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast are less hungry and generally more satisfied with eating than those who eat the same amount of cereal flakes. For this, thanks to a satiating fiber, which stabilizes blood sugar levels and protects against insulin jumps provoking sudden bouts of hunger.


    6. Do not Forget About Grapefruit


    According to one study, eating half a grapefruit before each meal, you quickly lose weight. This effect is achieved due to the fat burning properties of grapefruit useful substances, as well as their beneficial effects on blood sugar levels. For a well-balanced breakfast, combine grapefruit with foods rich in protein such as yogurt or eggs.



    How To Manage a December Mercury Retrograde 

    The last Mercury Retrograde of 2017 is just around the corner! Not the only planet to have a retrograde period, however, mercury retrograde effects everyone in a typically uniform way – thus why so many are aware of its effects and plan accordingly when it occurs. With so much How to Manage a December Mercury Retrogradehustle and bustle occurring with the holidays in December, planning ahead should help your holiday be less stressful. 

    Mercury affects all types of communication, formal contracts & agreements, and coding. This include, but are not limited to: speaking, listening, learning, researching, editing, selling, buying, negotiating, agreements, manuscripts, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, cell phones, computers, transportation, etc. 

    Why does this affect them? A retrograde is like a sleeping period. It is not fully “alert” to oversee things properly. This retro has a positive though – It helps you to see what has been missed in the past so you can move forward with a stronger foundation. 

     Now that you know how and why a Mercury Retrograde affects you, what can you do to ensure your holiday season has less stress?

    1. Online Gift Purchases: If you like to get your shopping done online, order it before retrograde begins. Because Mercury rules communication, transportation, and computers, there are many possible ways something may go wrong. Ordering early not only helps you get your gift giving completed before the rush, it also helps to avoid possible mercury retrograde issues. 
    2. Repairs: If you’re hosting festivities and been putting off a repair or a tune-up on your appliances, now is the time to hire someone to get them completed. As appliances are part of Mercury’s domain, there is a possibility they may have issues during the retrograde. Don’t forget to include your furnace if you haven’t already had it serviced for the season!
    3. Travel: Mercury retrograde affects so many aspects of traveling. Give yourself extra time, double check depart and arrival times. Expect delays. If you’re traveling by car – make sure the car is ready for travel. 
    4. Invites: If you’re holding a party, get those invites out early and get as much planning done before the retrograde as possible. If you’re going to parties, plan your travel with a Mercury retrograde in mind. Give yourself extra time. 




    Phil Schneider: Found Dead 5 Days After Exposing The USA’s “Black Budget” Program

    When investigators found the body of Phillip Schneider, he had already been dead for 5-7 days and the official cause of death was suicide. However, after a while, disturbing details about his death began to surface, leading some people to believe that he had not killed himself, but had in fact been murdered. Did “the powers that be” silenced Phil forever, fearing he would reveal too many “skeletons” in the government closet? Who exactly was this man?

    Phil Schneider was a US government geologist, engineer and possibly one of the most controversial figures in the field of ufology. He worked for the government in building military bases and was involved with the “Philadelphia Experiment” as well as nuclear medicine.

    At first. he was quiet about his research and knowledge on the extraterrestrial. But, the death of his father in 1993 and the murder of his friend Ron Rummel finally pushed him to uncover some of the most controversial topics in history: Aliens.

    Therefore, several years before he died, Philip Schneider had been on a lecture tour talking about six topics: the Alien agenda, the black budget, the Dulce Wars, Advanced aircraft, deep underground military bases (DUMBs) and the New World Order.

    The Alien Agenda

    According to the engineer, Aliens were supposed to take over the world in 2029 and the US government had known about this Alien Agenda since 1933. Schneider claimed that 16 UFO crashes occurred between 1947 and 1952. During this period, the US government managed to recover 117 alien bodies, out of which four were alive. The security of the extraterrestrial was handled by a special unit called “Blue Berets” within the military, as part of the “Project Pounce”.

    Schneider believed there were seven benevolent alien species living on Earth and four evil species. He further suggested that the government had signed 4 treaties with the Aliens, starting in 1944, then 1954, 1962 and 1979. The treaty in 1954 was apparently signed between the government and species of Grey Aliens. Their goal was to protect the Earth from a likely alien invasion. Phil even stated he was present at a meeting between high-level officials from the UN and an alien.

    The Black Budget

    Phil Schneider claimed that for every year that goes by in the “white world” (the general public), forty-four years of research and development progresses in the so-called “black world”. If this is the case, the general public is truly living in a “dream-like world”, still using antiquated internal combustion engines as well as liquid rockets. The engineer maintained that the US government has more than $508 billion budget for military research in order to prepare for the incoming alien invasion.

    The New World Order

    According to the New World Order theory, power elite from all over the world will take over and enslave humanity. The idea behind the New World Order is One Government that will rule over everything. In a world like this, citizens from each part of the world would hand over their freedom if they would like to be protected against terrorist threats. Reportedly, there are 107.200 prison boxcars designed which can store more than 15 million people who refuse the cause.

    The Dulce Wars

    During August of 1979, Phil Schneider was commissioned to take part in a deep drilling operation at Dulce NM. After four shafts have sunk, Schneider and a number of other geologists were appointed to determine what the problem is. However, upon arriving at the bottom of the shaft, they made a truly shocking discovery.

    He claimed that the cavern was infested with aliens, out of which he was able to kill two. Badly injured by radiation beam from one of the aliens, Phil was barely able to escape alive. Apparently, a total of 66 secret service agents and FBI members were killed and he was one of the three survivors of this event which came to be known as the “Dulce Wars”.

    The remaining two theories complement the Alien Agenda theory.

    After he died, neither medical examiners nor the police finished their investigation. Even though his ex-wife ordered an autopsy, the autopsy report contained so many inconsistencies that it seemed like it wasn’t the body of Schneider. The Medical Examiner made no mention of the metal plate in his head or the fact that his right lung had been removed.

    In addition, his ex-wife claimed he would never commit suicide as he held strong religious convictions. Perhaps due to all his knowledge, desire to be public and intention to release a book with all the manuscripts and photos, he had to be removed. But, until further supporting evidence is revealed, we’re left with more questions than answers.

    In any case, you have to agree that Phillip Schneider’s relentless effort for additional government accountability is something that everyone should take to heart.



    Baking Soda and Castor Oil Can Treat These 20 Health Problems 

    Multiple studies have confirmed that these recipes are even more effective than conventional medical treatments.

    One recipe of this kind is the mixture of baking soda and castor oil. Its ingredients are extremely beneficial and provide potent medicinal properties in the case of various health conditions.

    When these ingredients are combined, you get an extremely potent natural remedy that can provide positive effects in the case of more than 20 health problems.


    You have probably heard a lot about the properties of baking soda and its wide range of uses. Castor oil treats various diseases, and when used as a coating, it is one of the most effective natural remedies which stimulate circulation.  Due to this quality, it is often used as a compress.

    To prepare such a compress with castor oil, you will need cold pressed castor oil, a bottle of hot water, plastic wrap, clean gauze or a cotton towel, and a towel.

    Clean the skin with some baking soda, and then soak the gauze in castor oil. Apply the gauze on the area that needs to be treated, and wrap in some plastic foil. Use the hot water bottle to warm up the place, and secure it with a towel. Leave it thus for over an hour.

    Afterward, you should again clean the skin with some baking soda.

    These are some of the most important uses of castor oil and baking soda:

      • Castor oil coatings applied on the neck efficiently treat chronic hoarseness and vocal cord nodules
      • The oral use of 6-8 drops of castor oil for 4 months completely cures tinnitus
      • Drip a couple drops of castor oil in your ear to enhance your hearing
      • Castor oil removes pilonidal cysts
      • Massage with castor oil can reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks
      • Mix baking soda with castor oil to remove the dark spots on the face
      • Castor oil compress quickly treats injured ankles
      • Castor oil effectively treats cataracts. All you need to do is to drip a drop of castor oil in the eyes before going to sleep at night
      • Consume 5 drops of castor oil daily to prevent allergies
      • Castor oil coating can significantly ease the pain in the back
      • The regular massage with castor oil removes calcium deposits on the soles
      • You should rub some castor oil on the eyelids before bedtime to treat ocular allergies
      • Apply castor oil directly to treat mouth sores
      • Massage the scalp with castor oil on a daily basis to stimulate the growth of your hair
      • Rub castor oil on warts for 30 days to remove them completely
      • Apply castor oil coating on the stomach to reduce hyperactivity
      • It relieves topical skin injuries like cuts, burns, bruises
      • Apply castor oil topically on bug bites to relieve the swelling and itching
      • The coatings of castor oil treat diarrhea
    • Treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot with the application of castor oil coatings on the feet
    • It effectively treats hepatitis
    • Castor oil coatings on the stomach can stop the snoring in 2 weeks
    • A mixture of baking soda and castor oil is extremely helpful in the case of cancer
    • The consumption of a few drops of castor oil on a daily basis can help you reduce the addiction to alcohol and nicotine






    The Luckiest Quality Of Each Zodiac Sign 

    1. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)   

    Sagittarius is first on this list by default; its ruling planet is Jupiter, which has always been associated with good fortune, generosity, and abundance. For Sagittarius, life itself is a rich tapestry of priceless experiences and adventures.


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