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    Healing - Cancer, Heart, and Diabetes by Illuminati, Cabal and The Elite

    Time to wake up your happy butts.  Listen if your believe this or not is fine with me, but remember the truth will set you free.  There are known and complete cures for all Cancers, Heart diseases, and Diabetic disease.  For years the Illuminati, Cabal, and the Elite know this and will not share to save folks lives.  Why?  M O N E Y!!!  Pure and simple friggin greed and control over the masses.  Why do you think Scientist around the world come up missing or dead, because they have found the answers.  Also in the last 5 years a lot of Holistic Doctors have come up missing or strange deaths - why?  Those doctors found natural methods to cure above dis-eases without BIG PHARMA.

    A "truth dump" is coming, hopefully full disclosure.  Biggest truth dump that is scary to the Illuminati, and Cabal is religion.  People will fight, wars, suicides, crazy, and some will believe the truth.  Dr Henrick Clarke tried to reveal the truth about religion.  Sadly only a few really listen and researched his information.  Jesus is not who you think he is.  Religion is man made.  The first 3 Popes in catholic religion where Black men.  There are 2 books in the book you call the Bible that are factual and truth, the rest is made up crap.  There are many other beings on this planet above and below.  Humans have been genetically assemble to be slaves to other beings, and your brain manipilated to here or see only their agenda's.    Above God is "The Source" over all universes, dimensions, beings, star clusters.  Bet ya didn't know that uh?   Do you know there is no such thing is "time"?    Time is a constant energy no beginning or ending.   Learn to raise your vibration by eating healthy and exercise if you can. Open your mind to the possibilities, we are not alone.   God-Director/Manager sent only 2 items to assist us in this realm, which is Angels and Miracles, that is enough.


    Please don't just believe my information research it until you receive definitive answers.  Religion is a farce, mind control, emotional manipilation.  You are God and God is you period, I know that is a lot to digest but it is the truth.   Question your doctor about methods of curing your concerns.  You do have options and other doctors.  Do your research when it comes to your health and mind.  Waiting on God Bullshyt is not going to save you.  Ask any Jevoah Witness that has lost a loved one.  Do your do dilgence and make it happen for yourself or a family member.


    Washington's Entertainment for May & June 2017

    Cheech & Chong     Sat. July 22  @ Emerald Queen Casino

    Gladys Knight     Thu. July 20th @  The Tualip Amphitheatre

    Tim McGraw     Soul2Soul The World Tour 2017,   Sat. May 27th @  Tacoma Dome ***

    Brad Paisley     Brad Paisley:  Weekend Warrior World Tour 2017  Fri. June 30th @ White River Amphitheatre

    Joe Rogan     Joe Rogan - Strange Times 2017 Tour, Fri. Aug. 04  @  Paramount Theatre

    George Clinton   George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Fri. July 28th @ Neptune Theatre

    Def Leppard     Fri. Jun. 09 @ White River Amphitheatre - ***

    The Moody Blues - The Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed - 50th Anniversary Tour   Sunday, June 11th @ Chateau Ste Michelle Winery - ***

    Seattle Storm NBA BASKETBALL WOMEN's     Seattle Storm  vs  Indiana Fever  Sun. May 28th @ Key Arena ***

    Seattle Sounders FC - Seattle Sounders FC  vs  Portland Timbers  Sat. May 27th @ Century Link Field ***

    *** Events that are coming up within 10 days.

    Thank you


    Ariana Grande suspends tour after Manchester Bombing

    Pop singer Ariana Grande has suspended her upcoming tour dates after a deadly suicide bombing killed 22 at her concert in Manchester, England. She cancelled performances in London that were scheduled for this week, as well as all shows through June 5. The rest of the tour is being suspended "until we can further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost," her management team said.


    CBO: GOP Health Care Plan Would Leave 23 Million Uninsured


    The Republican health care plan that passed the House earlier this month would leave 23 million more Americans without health insurance over the next decade than the current law and would reduce the deficit by $119 billion, according to an analysis released by the Congressional Budget Office on Wednesday.

    The findings are similar to a CBO score of an earlier version of the bill spiked by Republican leaders earlier this year due to lack of support.

    House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act three weeks ago without a new analysis from the nonpartisan office, but a CBO analysis of an earlier version of the legislation found the new law would result in leaving 24 million more Americans without health insurance within a decade.

    But significant changes were made to the original bill to help push it through the House. Notable among them was a provision that would allow states to opt-out of mandatory coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

    No Democrats voted for the plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, and they slammed their Republican counterparts for voting on the legislation before the analysis was completed.

    The plan faces an uncertain future in the Senate, with members on both sides of the aisle warning major changes need to be made to the House version of the legislation before the Senate can vote. 



    Michael Flynn Misled Pentagon About His Russia Ties

    Michael Flynn had been ordered by the Senate Intelligence Committee to hand over emails and other records related to any dealings with Russians as part of that panel’s investigation into Russian election meddling. His decision to invoke his Fifth Amendment right puts him at risk of being held in contempt of Congress, which can also result in a criminal charge.

    Mr. Flynn’s lawyer, Robert Kelner, did not respond to a request for comment.

    The controversies surrounding the Trump White House’s ties to Russia have overshadowed the early months of the new administration, and Mr. Flynn has been at the center of the maelstrom. He is under scrutiny both by congressional committees and by federal law enforcement agencies for his ties to Russia and his business dealings with Turkey.

    In February, Mr. Trump asked James B. Comey, then the F.B.I. director, to end the FBI investigation into Flynn , a request some legal experts have said amounts to obstruction of justice.

    Lawmakers had previously asserted that Mr. Flynn had failed to disclose the income he had received for the Moscow trip to obtain security clearance to work in the White House, but the letter released on Monday shows he had misled investigators during a previous attempt to renew his clearance, months before Mr. Trump won election.

    Mr. Cummings quoted directly from the Pentagon report detailing his clearance process. The Pentagon document itself, a “Report of Investigation” from March 2016, was not included with his letter sent to Representative Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who is the chairman of the oversight committee.

    As Mr. Flynn’s legal problems have accumulated, White House officials have tried to distance themselves from him. They have also tried to shift blame, pointing out that it was during the Obama administration that his security clearance was renewed. Mr. Flynn, a former three-star general, ran the Defense Intelligence Agency from mid-2012 until 2014.

    The House committee has asked the White House to turn over all documents used by Mr. Trump’s transition team to vet Mr. Flynn before naming him national security adviser, as well as any communications among Mr. Trump’s top aides about Mr. Flynn’s contacts with foreign officials.

    The White House has thus far refused the request. Mr. Cummings has been pushing Mr. Chaffetz to issue a subpoena demanding the documents.

    Previous documents released by the oversight committee revealed that Mr. Flynn was paid more than $65,000 by companies linked to Russia in 2015. In addition to RT, Mr. Flynn received $11,250 from a Russian cargo airline, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, which had been implicated in a bribery scheme involving Russian officials at the United Nations. In October 2015, he was paid another $11,250 by Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, the American branch of a Russian cybersecurity firm.

    Retired generals are ordinarily allowed to keep a clearance as a courtesy, but they also must report all income from foreign sources to the Pentagon. Possessing a security clearance opens up potentially lucrative jobs with government contractors, who prize the contacts and insider knowledge of retired generals.

    “While we recognize General Flynn’s constitutional right to invoke the Fifth Amendment, we are disappointed he has chosen to disregard the committee’s subpoena request for documents relevant and necessary to our investigation,” they said in a joint statement. “We will vigorously pursue General Flynn’s testimony and his production of any and all pertinent materials pursuant to the committee’s authorities.”



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