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    Big W's controversial decision to "ban" Christmas 

    Retail giant Big W has made a controversial call on Christmas products, in a move that’s been described by shoppers as “political correctness gone mad”.

    The department store has removed all reference of Christmas from their range of seasonal tree products, with boxes and signage scrubbed of any mention to the holiday.

    The traditional Christmas tree product is now being sold as a “Grand Pine Tree”, while the snow-covered version is being spruiked as a “White Forest Tree”.

    Christmas Tree Farm owner Fabian Iuele told News Limited the decision from the department store to ignore the origin of the holiday products was disheartening.

     “That’s really sad. It ignores the religious element and history of the holiday which is still important to people,” he said.

    “People have been traditionally calling these types of tree Christmas trees for years.

    “Those store trees are made of plastic anyway so they don’t have an alternative scientific name like the ones we grow.

    “We get people from other religions purchasing our trees regularly but they always know that they’re called Christmas trees like everybody else does.”

    Cameron Harrison, of Williamstown, a regular customer at his local Big W outlet in Highpoint said removing the word “Christmas” was a pointless exercise.

    “It seems like an over-reaction to a problem that’s not really there,” he said.

    “Christmas did have a religious meaning but we are not a religious country. I think it’s more of a tradition these days.”

    A Big W spokeswoman hit back at these claims in a statement.

    “We know that many of our customers get really excited about Christmas and a number of customers like to co-ordinate their home Christmas decorations,” she said.

    “In order to assist our customers co-ordinate their Christmas trees and decorations, we label packaging with key Christmas themes.”

    What are your thoughts? Are Big W doing the right thing by making their products inclusive to all Australians, or is it a case of political correctness gone mad?


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