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    Congrats to China, has more gold than any country in the world.  We (usa) on the other hand, have gold plated bricks in Fort Knox, now that is a good laugh.  If you buy 10krt, 15, 20, 18krt gold, like jewelry, someone is knocking on the counter for change.  Suggestion only buy 24krt, India has the best quality. 

    Got a story for you.  US owes China a lot of money.  China said time to pay up muthafuka's this ain't no payday loans. (clowning)  So we sent China a shyt load of gold bullion.  China had there folks (Scientist/Eng.) check it out to make sure it was excellent quality.  BOOM!  It was fake shit, gold plated not pure.  Say what? USA was trying to pull a fast one.  U.S. Treasury  is laughable at best.  China said we want our money hoes pay the fuck up!!! lol lol So we gave them Real Estate, the City of Boston is own by China, haaaaaaaa  "TRUE FACT".  Don't believe me, research it for yourselves,  I'll wait.....................

    Remember the hiccup in Hawaii a little while ago?  That was not a test!  A missile was fired from underwater, and another missile took it out.  Sorry for the fella that took the fall for this.  Real world, real life, did you think that the Aliens were going to take the fall - hell no.  But they initiate it to happen.  Guess they want to see war commence, not happening baby, lol lol.  Not long as Russia and China, UN are strong OK.  Another research it for yourselves, I'll wait.................

    Now- Disclosure is not going to happen the way you think.  Lot of folks with different, TV, Radio shows, and lectures, have there suppose so-call theories.  Well...look up in March 2018 and you just might see, or hear about it as (Gomer would say) Surprise, surprise, surprise, lol lol.  In other words what will be, will be.  It is what it is.

    We are living in the 3rd and 4th density.  Some of us not many live in the 5th and 6th density, my hat is off to you folks.  Keep striving and living to do better for humankind.  Forgive to Love and Love to Forgive.  We just might get there with an elevated vibration and energy.  Thank you!



    Phil Schneider: Found Dead 5 Days After Exposing The USA’s “Black Budget” Program

    When investigators found the body of Phillip Schneider, he had already been dead for 5-7 days and the official cause of death was suicide. However, after a while, disturbing details about his death began to surface, leading some people to believe that he had not killed himself, but had in fact been murdered. Did “the powers that be” silenced Phil forever, fearing he would reveal too many “skeletons” in the government closet? Who exactly was this man?

    Phil Schneider was a US government geologist, engineer and possibly one of the most controversial figures in the field of ufology. He worked for the government in building military bases and was involved with the “Philadelphia Experiment” as well as nuclear medicine.

    At first. he was quiet about his research and knowledge on the extraterrestrial. But, the death of his father in 1993 and the murder of his friend Ron Rummel finally pushed him to uncover some of the most controversial topics in history: Aliens.

    Therefore, several years before he died, Philip Schneider had been on a lecture tour talking about six topics: the Alien agenda, the black budget, the Dulce Wars, Advanced aircraft, deep underground military bases (DUMBs) and the New World Order.

    The Alien Agenda

    According to the engineer, Aliens were supposed to take over the world in 2029 and the US government had known about this Alien Agenda since 1933. Schneider claimed that 16 UFO crashes occurred between 1947 and 1952. During this period, the US government managed to recover 117 alien bodies, out of which four were alive. The security of the extraterrestrial was handled by a special unit called “Blue Berets” within the military, as part of the “Project Pounce”.

    Schneider believed there were seven benevolent alien species living on Earth and four evil species. He further suggested that the government had signed 4 treaties with the Aliens, starting in 1944, then 1954, 1962 and 1979. The treaty in 1954 was apparently signed between the government and species of Grey Aliens. Their goal was to protect the Earth from a likely alien invasion. Phil even stated he was present at a meeting between high-level officials from the UN and an alien.

    The Black Budget

    Phil Schneider claimed that for every year that goes by in the “white world” (the general public), forty-four years of research and development progresses in the so-called “black world”. If this is the case, the general public is truly living in a “dream-like world”, still using antiquated internal combustion engines as well as liquid rockets. The engineer maintained that the US government has more than $508 billion budget for military research in order to prepare for the incoming alien invasion.

    The New World Order

    According to the New World Order theory, power elite from all over the world will take over and enslave humanity. The idea behind the New World Order is One Government that will rule over everything. In a world like this, citizens from each part of the world would hand over their freedom if they would like to be protected against terrorist threats. Reportedly, there are 107.200 prison boxcars designed which can store more than 15 million people who refuse the cause.

    The Dulce Wars

    During August of 1979, Phil Schneider was commissioned to take part in a deep drilling operation at Dulce NM. After four shafts have sunk, Schneider and a number of other geologists were appointed to determine what the problem is. However, upon arriving at the bottom of the shaft, they made a truly shocking discovery.

    He claimed that the cavern was infested with aliens, out of which he was able to kill two. Badly injured by radiation beam from one of the aliens, Phil was barely able to escape alive. Apparently, a total of 66 secret service agents and FBI members were killed and he was one of the three survivors of this event which came to be known as the “Dulce Wars”.

    The remaining two theories complement the Alien Agenda theory.

    After he died, neither medical examiners nor the police finished their investigation. Even though his ex-wife ordered an autopsy, the autopsy report contained so many inconsistencies that it seemed like it wasn’t the body of Schneider. The Medical Examiner made no mention of the metal plate in his head or the fact that his right lung had been removed.

    In addition, his ex-wife claimed he would never commit suicide as he held strong religious convictions. Perhaps due to all his knowledge, desire to be public and intention to release a book with all the manuscripts and photos, he had to be removed. But, until further supporting evidence is revealed, we’re left with more questions than answers.

    In any case, you have to agree that Phillip Schneider’s relentless effort for additional government accountability is something that everyone should take to heart.


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