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    Believe it or not - "The Black World"

    This is just my observations, of gather material.  The Illuminati is run by the Vatican, and their unknown teams.  The Cabal is run by the Rothschild's, Rockefellers, Dupont's, and Cheney(VP).  SCAN is run by the Queen of England, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.  Time Travelers do not exist.  Because there is no such thing as *time*, if there was it would have to be a beginning and a end, and there is none.  Besides we are so advance in technology and assistance good or bad from other beings it is not needed.

    Exposure/Disclosure - there are a few folks I shall give my opinion, does not mean that you agree or disagree just my opinion.  Steven Greer is being manage quite well, they love his *egotistical* behavior.  Is he telling the truth, yes,  in some instances, but not all.  Tom Delong the jury is still out deciding, as long as he stays in his lane.  David Wilcock, good at seeking information, don't trust his protective methods for Whistle Blowers, have seen and heard how he has a Freudian slip shall we say, and exposed certain information that should have been kept quiet or secret.  His is a very selective bullshitter.  I find his information 3-6 months back dated.  But gives the appearance of being current.  Corey Goode, I find creditable, to the point of not just his experiences but to be able to maintain between parallel universes, densities, and spiritualities.  He is an Ambassdor for us on a paradigm shift level.  Aka Emery Smith, I find him a creditable scientist in AI, Cloning, ET, biology.

    Inner Earth, well of course there is.  You can travel from  Alaska underground to Washington state in 1 hour time. This planet is billions and millions of years old.  There are beings, spieces, humans, hybrids living in middle earth.  Some we still don't even know about, and they will keep it that way.  There is a transportation system miles down in inner earth, were you can travel all over the planet if you so desire.  There are bases down there run by the *Black World*, in total secret.  Health/Wellness - well let me just say this.  There is no reason that any human living above on surface earth should have any form of disease.  But excellent health and long lives.  (This is being hidden by the U.N., money talks, and bullshit walks, you get my drift here I'm sure.)

    Religion - let me pause while I laugh a moment here.   First there is no such thing as religion, made up by man.  Secondly the book you call the *Holy Bible* most of it is a lie.  Maybe 2 books tell the real truth.  Jesus is a lie, was made up by man, to copy African spirituality, with a Madonna.  Now you ask is God for real.  Well the God Particle is.  You are your own God to yourself.  Love yourself, forgive yourself, and thank the Highest Good, period!  Everything goes back to "Source Energy".   Religion was put in place as a control mechanism which has done quite well throughout history wouldn't you say.......  If you want something to occur in your lives then *WILL* it to happen for you.  Humans are very powerful beings, and the Universe knows this.  The Earth is like Disneyland to our Space Sisters & Brothers.  There are more than 9 planets actually 12.  Your algorithms are 3-6, not 5's.

    Bottom line:  Learn to "Forgive to Love, and Love to Forgive", no matter what.  (even your President Trump)

    Thank you.

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