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    The theme this month is *SPECIAL GUIDANCE* for all 12 signs.

    1.     ARIES

    Your action, decision, or opinion will be the deciding factor.  If the fruit of the tree is gone, it's time to move on.

    2.     TAURUS

    The situation in which you feel trapped is only temporary.  Your pessimism will soon be replaced by great joy, and someone will be instrumental in changing things for the better.  If what you think or hear is negative, don't believe it.

    3.     GEMINI

    The standstill will be overcome, and/or a reunion is at hand.  You are never alone; all you have to do is reach out.  Be patient, persistent, and diligent in your efforts.

    4.     CANCER

    What you want or need will come to you, and you will be provided for.   Unfortunately, the work you're in insulates or alienates you from social involvement.  However, you can rise above your emotional limitations by remembering that God is your source and works throught many channels and in many ways.  Open your mind to the possibility of a new beginning.

    5.     LEO

    True guidance proves itself,  in that it brings with it the action or ability to carry it out ("and by its fruits shall it be known").  If you're in a quandary over what to do, remember that decisions usually make  themselves when the time is ready.  Your spiritual development will be resumed, and what was missing will be provided.

    6.     VIRGO

    A feeling of emptiness is sometimes necessary.  A cup that's already full has no room for more.  Relinquish self guidance (ego) and allow the Higher to lead.  There are times when earthly desires must be sacfificed in order to make room for the Divine plan.

    7.     LIBRA

    Stay detached and you will be able to perceive the truth in situations, and your impressions or perceptions will later be confirmed.  Don't be afraid to be defenseless or "lay your card on the table".  It can make a difference, because what's consciously or unconsciously being expressed is coming from genuine concern.

    8.     SCORPIO

    People might not get your concepts or see things the way you do, but you won't be left out in the cold.  Someone will come to your aid or give you the opportunity to utilize some your skills or talents.  There's a tremendous spiritual force present which is causing your inner hearing to increase.  In time, what you couldn't see before will be clearly and explicitly revealed.

    9.     SAGITTARIUS

    Change is in the air, and a new approach is at hand.  This could come through a friend who will help you "see the light" or attain a new perspective.  Be willing to wait, but don't compromise your self-esteem or avoid "warning" signs.

    10.    CAPRICORN

    Realize the futility of effort.  If something is meant to be, it will come of it's own accord.  When you stop seeking, searching, or expecting, it will begin to happen.  Since you're not the cause and are powerless to change what is happening, it's futile to be upset.  Be willing to listen to, or act upon,  new ideas.

    11.    AQUARIUS

    Keep folllowing your star and you will get your wish.  You may have to air, but what you want will come.  Things are working out better and faster than you think, and problems that looked like mountains will prove to be molehills.

    12.    PISCES

    Don't bite off more than you can chew in your passion to go forward or you'll find things hard to swallow.  The time is not right and you're not ready or fully prepared.  Don't think you're alone or that you're not being helped.  It's fear and impatience that blinds you from the truth or deafens your receptivity to the spirit.  When it no longer serves your growth to not know something, you will know.

    by  Lennis 








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