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    Trump Presidency, and vibes for 2017

    What are the vibes for 2017?

    At the beginning of a year, I "tune in" to the vibes of the coming months. 
    In 2015, it was animal consciousness. Throughout that year, humanity's 
    awareness of the true nature of earth's creatures was reflected in a 
    proliferation of television documentaries as well as from other sources.

    The Year of Me was the theme of last year, 2016. Previous to that, I had 
    received a proliferation of emails from readers who were basically 
    describing burn out. The symptoms were far worse than simply feeling tired. If you 
    were among that number, I hope that you took care of YOU. So what does 
    this year bring up on the radar?

    This is the year of the DARK SIDE

    This is a big subject, and I hardly know where to begin. I made the remark 
    earlier that "2016 sucked."I don't know when I have ever heard such 
    desperate messages from so many readers who could be considered awakened light 
    beings. It was the first time I ever lost a healing client to suicide. And 
    others were in grave danger of following suit. So 2016 did not just suck 
    for me. It was widespread.

    A mysterious energy force in my life

    When I took some time to contemplate this situation, I realized that the 
    past three years were not any bouquet of roses either. In fact, things 
    seemed just a little "off." What do I mean by that? Well, for example, 
    manifesting things did not work quite the way I was used to experiencing. In fact, 
    I felt some kind of negative drag always there. I was too powerful for it 
    to render me totally dysfunctional. However, it WAS able to screw up 
    things to prevent me from accomplishing important things--such as my soul 
    missions. That would include my astrology book. That should have been finished 
    three years ago. What in the hell was happening?

    A group reality shock!

    Furthermore, all of us 4Ds have had a similar experience. I asked each 
    one--Don, David, Duane-- if they could in all honesty confirm that they felt 
    the same for the past three years. Each one readily confirmed that the 
    answer was a resounding, "Yes." Needless to say, this was a huge reality shock.

    How could a Dark Force insinuate itself into our lives for these past 
    three years? How was that force able to screw up things to such an extent? 
    Supposedly, we had protection from any such invasive energy as this. After 
    all, we are not just some rag tag group of individuals bopping along half 

    We called a group meeting. We met at my house on October 29, 2016. That 
    was just before the election. (We already knew who would win.) We went to 
    the room (not physically) under the big pyramid that is David's control room. 
    We launched out of there to a higher dimension than where we had ever 
    been before. Once there, we braided all four of our individual energy cords 
    together. This was for stronger protection. We were all One.

    Skipping all around....

    I lead a very compartmentalized life. Only one "compartment" has ever 
    been the author of the newsletter. What is that? You know me as a light being 
    who imparts wisdom through wit. Yes, I am funny; it is one of the first 
    things most people would say about me.

    Recall how frequently the emphasis, one way or other, was on the Light for 
    all these years. I remind you that this third dimension is one of 
    polarities. And what is the polar companion to the Light? Yes, as the Light 
    increased, so did the Dark. The part of my life experience that most of you do 
    not know about is my active confrontation with the Dark Forces. I have been 
    at this almost from the very beginning (1960s). You would likely not 
    recognize my warrior self. There certainly is nothing funny about it. It is 
    dangerous work, and requires that one keeps one's wits about oneself!

    For this particular newsletter, I had originally intended to give further 
    background on this subject. That will have to wait. Something very dark in 
    itself looms much larger that needs to be addressed immediately. That 
    would be the election and first days of Donald Trump's presidency. There 
    remains much hatred, anger and divisiveness.

    Please read the material that I am including next!

    This material is from two sources--Carolyn Myss and the Kabbalah. The 
    former should need no introduction, and the latter is the esoteric and 
    mystical part of the Jewish religion. There are parts of both that totally 
    resonate with what I have repeatedly said myself. Parts of this material can be 
    hard to take. I advise everyone reading it to step up and look in the 
    mirror. Do it not only for your own growth in consciousness; do it for everyone.

    I know this will make for a very long newsletter. It will be worth it. 
    Everything is explained about the election, the Trump phenomenon and what 
    you should do in relation to it.

    A message from Carolyn Myss:

    "And this may be the most outrageous thought of all: We might have to 
    thank the darkness for uniting all of us together. For this remarkable 
    movement of inspired and empowered human beings would not have happened had it 
    not been for his occupying the White House. The Feminine Light would not 
    have burst forth through us like a cosmic blast, inspiring millions to take to 
    the streets and represent our dignity and spirit, had he not made such a 
    "Lightning Strike" essential. But Light stood up to darkness on Saturday. 
    And in the perfection of peacefulness, the Light sent shock waves around 
    the world: We are here. We are no longer silent. (...)

    He could just be the means to that end. From a mystical perspective, the 
    Light uses the Dark to awake in people that inner craving for those 
    qualities of the soul that are fed by the Light: Liberty, Dignity, Virtue, 
    Honor, Equality. He is the essential catalyst that stirred up a hidden shadow 
    side of humanity, a shadow all of us have in some way helped form. Many 
    thought we had evolved through such dark emotions and fear. Not so. Remember 
    that we are a part of every event in some way. We need to look at this 
    darkness in ourselves, carefully and deeply, as Darkness around you can draw 
    you in."
    The following is from the Kabbalah. It is the most esoteric, spiritual 
    and mystical aspect of the Jewish religion. 
    by Billy Phillips · January 24, 2017

    I never talk about politics. Ever. Politics does not lie within the 
    domain of Kabbalistic wisdom. But all of this Trump madness and rabid behavior 
    in response to all things Trump provides a profound opportunity to share 
    some world-changing, life-changing practical wisdom. What I will share 
    applies not only to Trump but also to your co-workers, or boss, or employees, or 
    friends, or partner in a marriage and everyone else in your life that 
    triggers a reactive response from you. A reactive response includes anger, 
    envy, resentment, judgement, intense disagreement, a difference of opinion 
    that you just can't let go of, and the like.

    Are you ready? This is going to hurt. But you do not have to accept what I 
    share. And it's not my opinion, either. It's the age old wisdom of the 
    Kabbalists. But I can tell you that when I've had the courage to live this 
    bit of wisdom at various points over the last 30 years, it worked. 

    Okay, here we go:

    Without getting into the exact numbers, about half the country is 
    passionately for Trump, while the other half is intensely against Trump. For the 
    most part, there is no middle ground. So what is going on here and how can 
    we relate this to our personal lives?

    Why is Trump polarizing the world into two extreme sides?

    Allow me to quote the Kabbalists, specifically the Kabbalist known as the 
    Master of the Good Name (Baal Shem Tov in Hebrew). He lived about two and 
    half centuries ago and he is a revered figure and the source of profound 
    wisdom and life lessons.

    This great Kabbalist said, and I paraphrase:

    "Whatever you see wrong in others, WHAT EVER IT IS, make no mistake-none 
    whatsoever-that the negative trait and insolent behavior that you are 
    witnessing is ALSO inside of you and THAT is why it angers you so much. 
    Further, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that this other person will be able to change 
    until you first begin to search deep within yourself and find that trait 
    inside of you, however it may be disguised. And as you uproot that trait in 
    yourself, and you begin to mend your ways, then the other person who angered 
    you in the first place will change in equal measure."


    All the Kabbalists throughout history, and of course the ancient Zohar, 
    tell us that we must live our lives as if the entire world was created just 
    for us. Do you know why? Because it's true. This is not a nice metaphor or 
    some noble, idealistic way to interpret life. No. There are an untold 
    number of parallel universes running seamlessly at this very moment, and we 
    are responsible and accountable for the one we find ourselves in. Each of us 
    has come into this world to transform ourselves using this world as a 
    mirror of our inner selves. This is not spirituality. This is life. This is 
    reality. This is the way it is, whether we are ready to accept it or 
    not-according to the ancient Zohar.

    Do you know what this means? Sit down. Take a big breath. Let go of all 
    anger. Here it is:


    Often, we are compelled to judge someone else-in this case Trump. Guess 
    what? The people who have committed the same sort of negative behavior (in 
    large or small measure) or spoken the same sort of negative words at some 
    point, they are the ones who become the angriest and most judgmental when 
    they see it in Trump. Period. If we start making excuses, it's the negative 
    force that Kabbalah calls the Opponent that is blinding us, no matter how 
    correct or genuinely righteous our points of view and opinions are.

    In other words, If Trump spoke like a pig, it means I spoke like a pig at 
    some point in my life. Or someone close to me, like my own partner, spoke 
    like that and I never dealt with it. Either way, I need to accept that and 
    fix it, however it is manifesting in my own life. Oftentimes, just 
    accepting this point is 90% of the karmic correction. Read that last point again. 
    It's deeply profound and significant.

    It's the same with those people who judge Hillary or Putin or Obama or 
    Netanyahu or their boss, neighbor, business competitor or that irresponsible 
    creep who just cut you off on the highway and laughed about it as you 
    honked your horn at him or her.

    They are all a mirror of ourselves. Of me. Period.

    Trump is you.

    Trump is me.

    If something is gnawing at you, driving you nuts, it means the universe is 
    holding up a mirror. Likewise, if the media attacks Trump, beyond the 
    honest questioning of a President, it means that particular news anchor or 
    pundit or reporter possesses the same negative trait that they see in Trump. 
    If they lose their impartiality because of what they cannot stand in 
    Trump or what he stands for, and this anger has compelled them to cross the 
    line of journalistic integrity, they have the same troubling traits in their 
    own characteter make up.

    And if they, or me, are absolutely blind to the bias, it means the trait 
    is of an extreme nature.

    Now follow closely: I have no right to call out a specific news reporter. 
    Why? Because when I see a reporter or news anchor cross the line in their 
    judgment towards Trump, only searching for and focusing on the bad in a 
    situation, then it means I HAVE THAT SAME TRAIT IN ME. It means I am doing 
    the exact same thing, in some way, somewhere in my own life. Now, if I can 
    accept that easily, without pain, without huffing and puffing, without 
    guilt or denial, and I actually feel good about this opportunity, chances are 
    that trait is already under control. Either way, I still have to look for 
    it and improve myself in all of my day-to-day relationships.


    A true "spiritual" person can find the good in everyone. This is why two 
    people can hear two different tones and messages from a single Trump 
    speech. My teacher, the esteemed Kabbalist Rav Berg, told me personally on many 
    occasions: People truly hear what they NEED to hear from someone who is 
    talking or sharing a message, because it's for their own particular tikun 
    (a karmic opportunity to make a correction). He said that two people will 
    therefore hear two different things from the same person. The Rav said he 
    was not referring to two different interpretations. No. Two people will 
    hear two totally different words, sentences and tones necessary for their own 
    karmic correction. Therefore, we have to become accountable for what we 
    see and hear with our eyes and ears if we want to change the world.

    The Kabbalists say we would never react to something if what we were 
    seeing was not inside of us. We just wouldn't. That's why emotion-laced denial 
    is a total giveaway. If someone is angrily defending a criticism, it means 
    it's true. A person who has genuinely repaired a character flaw will 
    accept unjust criticism of that repaired flaw by saying in total earnest, 
    "Okay, thank you for sharing that. I"ll work on it." It will not incite anger. 
    Or guilt.

    They will accept it easily. That's the trick. That's the secret of knowing 
    what is inside a person. If they react, it means the criticism is true. 
    If they can accept it easily and it does not bother them one iota, it's 


    In other words, if we are reacting, if we cannot let go and embrace an 
    opposite view and find a neutral state of consciousness regarding a Donald 
    Trump, if whatever we are seeing is wrong- truly wrong-and it's making us 
    freaking crazy, it means we have it. We own it. We possess it. If all kinds 
    of wild, angry, intellectual counter-arguments start running off in your 
    head, that is further proof. This is the view of the Kabbalists, not me. And 
    do not believe it. Try it. See if living this way changes the world 
    around you.

    Now, suppose we are seeing the good in a person, and someone else beside 
    us is perceiving the negativity from that same person or situation. Why do 
    we see something positive while the other person only sees negative? It 
    means the negativity of this situation is no longer in our own character 
    and karmic destiny. It means we already corrected it. THIS is why two people 
    can perceive two different messages and tones and modes of behavior from 
    Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or the pundit on CNN or Fox News. Reread 
    that last paragraph again. It's powerful.

    Please remember: it is so freaking easy to protest and blame someone else 
    or some situation for what is wrong. It's much harder to search inside 
    when we see any type of ugliness in the world around us.

    Does that mean we do nothing? We never take any action outside ourselves 
    to improve a situation?

    No. Of course not.

    It means we look within first, find our negative character flaw first, 
    and then we can work on the outside without anger, without judgment, 
    without reactivity, to fix what is broken on the external level. Just know, that 
    when we fix it on the outside, that was just an effect of what we have 
    already fixed on the inside.

    If you are unsure of any of these points, feel free to submit questions 
    below and I will do my best to answer.

    And please share this article. The madness has gone on long enough and 
    the disunity only creates a space for the darkness and negative forces to 

    The world is going off the rails because of the disunity, NOT because of 
    who is right or wrong.

    Better we are wrong and unified than right and dis-unified.

    As Rav Berg taught me, the NAZIS were able to destroy so much good because 
    they had unity. Unified evil will always defeat good if there is some 
    measure of disunity on the side of good. The negative force in this world 
    that was created to test us and give us free will, its sole mission is to 
    divide and conquer. Its sole mission is to incite the human ego so that we 
    absolutely do not recognize its existence in our own character.

    It is our ego that creates conflict between the truth and itself. If we 
    accept responsibility for what we see, if we resist the urge to judge and 
    realize it's all about me, then there is no more space left for the darkness 
    to enter.

    And the final point, when we see the negative in others, we strengthen it 
    within them. So our judgments become self-fulfilling prophecies. If we see 
    the good and we look for it, we strengthen that goodness within the 

    Think about that next time Trump is on the news.

    Article by Ms. Diana Stone, thank you.



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