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Welcome everyone to Spring time.   March, April, May whoo-whoo.  Hope everyone is enjoying the change for the better weather.    We have some new annoucements for the Spring.

On Psychic Readings Sunday's show, now every 9th CALLER, will receive a free Psychic Readings from Lennis & Nina for 1 full hour.   Wednesday's show has now been cancelled, and instead the show "In The Studio with Lennis" at 6pm PST Wednesday.

Good News!!!!


We are now doing $25 reading for 1 question.

Contact us now for a reading!




Mon. to Fri.

Lennis or Ms. Nina or both

Thank you!



For the month of August 2016, if you request a 1/2 hr readings.  You will receive

a 1 hour reading.   This special will run all month.  If you request a reading from Lennis or Nina, or both the ladies together.  So call NOW!  Sign up for one of the most accurate readings you will experience.  Lennis is 40yrs Psychic experience, and Nina 20+yrs as a Rekki Master, Teacher, and Psychic.

Don't forget out show every Sunday @3pm PST, Free Psychic Readings,  one question per caller, thank you.

DAILY READINGS M-F,  11am to 7pm  PST,  click below for readings





WELCOME, to The Essence of Success Radio Network.  Thanks for joining our weekly Sunday show of "FREE PSYCHIC READINGS, with Lennis & Ms. Nina at 3pm PST, 646-727-2914.  We love answering your questions or at least put you on the right path.  Remember to always be positive.  Nothing in this world is promise but birth and death.  So inbetween let's make the best of it, with understanding, communication and above all "LOVE".

ONE QUESTION PER CALLER PLEASE!  We like to give everybody a chance to ask a question or give valadation  on a previous reading.  THE CHAT ROOM IS OPEN, your Moderator is Ms. Nina.

HOSTS:  Ms. Nina - Rekki Master, Teacher, Minister, Photographer, and a lot more.


               Lennis - 40yrs experience as a Psychic.  Tarot Readings, Angels, connecting to love ones that have           passed over.


Facebook: The Essence of Sucess Radio Network

Thank you all for supporting our show, we are most grateful.


I have 40+yrs experience as a Psychic, Tarot Reader (Soul, Angel,
Chinese cards), connect to your Angels. Speak with love ones
that have passed on and taken wings. Consultant, Radio Host,
Healer, Purse Boutique owner. I am at your service. All I can do is
share the love.
Thank you for supporting me, and enjoying your reading.
Peace, Love,



Psychic Readings - PERSONAL READINGS


Monday - Friday 11am to 7pm PST


Cost:  $60 for 30 mins  or  $120 hr.


For Lennis & Nina both to read.


Cost:  $120 for 30 mins.  or $240 hr.


FOR 1 Question - $25

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